Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MiniWarrior Takes On 5th Grade

Today began MiniWarriors first day of 5th grade.

*sniffs a Momma tear*

Where have the years flown to that my baby faces his last year of grade school?

He didn't want Summer to end and was a bit sulky about heading back to the confinement of school.

I told him that as his school only goes up to 5th grade, that makes him Top Dog of the school grades and that cheered him considerably.

This morning when I dropped him off at his Dads to catch the school bus, he pumped a fist and made barking noises, grinning happily.

Woof woof, big dawg. Woof woof.


Laoch of Chicago said...

There is no sadder day than the first day of school! Sick day!

Cindy said...

In our district there is no middle school, The Valley has it but it doesn't start until grade 6...Anyway, today was Tessa's first full day of grade 11, your right the time DOES fly by! *sniff *sniff* *passes the tissues*


Flip Flop Momma said...

i know..

my kids 1st day was tuesday..

6th grader and 3rd gettin old.

My baby just started pre school today..

I need a drink.

Peaceful said...

Thats what we used to tell the boy-You'll be one of the Big Kids!
Unfortunately it made going into the high school harder as one of the squirts again :)

Aafrica said...

they grow up fast, don't they? too bad you guys don't get hurricanes up there, otherwise, your little warrior would get an extra week of summer :)

Peaceful said...

Have two posts today but you will ADORE the one on now!!!!!