Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Chanda has arrived! *girlie squeal!*

She's beautiful. *sniff sniff*

But scary...

So much to learn!!

I feel like a new parent :)


Peaceful said...

OH MY GOSH that was quick!!!!!
Practice on the froggy ;D
Or just start on 'auto'? Does she even have auto :(?

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: Quick? Seemed like forevah!! :P
She does have auto mode :D (thank goodness)

The Darker Side said...

Yep - these puppies have "auto" - and I have to admit that I stayed right on auto until I went to class! The thing you get a chance to learn while its on auto is composition!
Uh...yah - and speaking of auto.... Kitten knocked over my lens and I PANICKED!!! Took some pix to see if anything was wrong an pics were blurry! So I checked everything that a geeky beginner might think of and promptly emailed Canons help desk and blubbered on their shoulder. They were very very kind ........... and said that yes I had checked everything they could think of and it seemed that I did have a real problem and the only thing they could think of would be the AF/MF switch on the lens..........
Well Duh.
PICNIC error......... "Problem In Chair, Not In Computer"......
The LENS was on manual focus and this 'manual' didn't FOCUS!
I promptly emailed them back in BRIGHT RED to match the color of my face........sigh
Anyway - enjoy Chanda! She is BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL!!!!!!!!

Aafrica said...

awww, isn't she a beauty! there are lot of books on digital camera these days. i learned a lot from The Practical Zone System by Chris Johnson. that was ten years ago, before the digital era.

have fun with it!

Laoch of Chicago said...