Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love Outside The Box

I was walking back from my lunch break at work today. The sun was shining, the ground beneath my feet was littered with colored fall leaves, the wind blew just sharp enough for me to enjoy the comfort of my sweater vest and just soft enough for me to smile at it tugging at my hair.

Two men walked down the hill in front of me. One tripped and stumbled off the sidewalk. I smiled as his friend reached out and caught his arm before he could fall and then watched him rib his friend good naturedly on how goofy he looked falling off the curb.

They strode on turning to chat at each other along the way then the one who had stumbled reached over and ran a loving hand across and down the other mans back.

How nice, I thought. They obviously care deeply for each other.

My foot crunched down on a brittle pile of leaves and the one who had stroked the other guys back turned sharply at the noise and gave me a quick look.

He stepped further away from the other guy and assumed a more macho walk.

How sad, I thought. That we still live in a time where loving affection for another is smiled or frowned upon depending on the gender.

That we aren't fully free to be who we are without fear of reprisal.

The sunshine dimmed a bit for me and I shuffled back to work with a moody heart.


Aafrica said...

i think gay men are the most peaceful people on this planet. they spend all their time dressing women. how can they not be loved?

Laoch of Chicago said...

much love for the cat door

Peaceful said...

Don't you just want to run after them & say Nooo, you got it wrong!!!
Ya, I have a girlfriend who has lived her life in secret with her partner for 12 years or more.They have to travel to places where they can be 'themselves' in public- how sad.

Cindy said...

Ya know? I probably would have gone up to him and said "Be who you are no matter who is watching!" Because it would have broken my heart to see that...You don't see enough genuine affection any more...
I did find a nice top, tried to find jeans but my size must be popular because I could find one size under(not comfy) or two sizes up..(too long, and they fall off.) But The top is nice and my Mother bought me a new can opener...I know it doesn't sound exciting but I was really happy with it because I REALLY needed a new one...LOL!

Haphazardkat said...

Aafrica: LOL, Aafrica--never looked at it that way!!

Laochie: Agreed! Guido would love it but I don't trust him against the coyotes...

Jadey: I did wish I could express myself at that moment to reassure them...but I fear it would have only made them feel more awkward.

Cindy: YAY! Never underestimate the power of a new toy--especially when it opens food!!

Jane! said...

Ah but the difference between my daughters' views and my mother's views give me hope that we are headed in the right direction.

Haphazardkat said...

Jane: Me too :)