Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happah Happah Humpday, Peeps!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. I've sucked at blogging lately.

Actually--I have been blogging. Sort of.

I've been busy hacking recoding my akatseyeview blog to get the &%#! Blogger template to allow me to post larger views of my photos on it.

HOURS of hacking re-coding attempts later--I have achieved success! WOO! *pumps a victorious fist*

Lotta work left re-posting my pics to match the new format-lotta work. *sigh*

So yeah. Much of my spare time has been working on my other blog--thus allowing for my sad neglection of you, Peeps.

Nothing much new is going on since I last spoke with you.

Work is better. Actually--much better. Which is a good thing as I was tired of hearing myself "yip" about it all the time to anyone and everyone who stood still longer then 2 seconds thus making them a "yip-about-work" target.

Lord V still enters the room with shifty eyes, sniffing the air like a nervous gazelle in tiger territory, though ;)

Ah yes. I do have a bit of news to update you with.

Last Saturday was our first Dinner Club party. I am greatly relieved thank god almighty HAPPY to say that my Apple Strudel was a success!

No, I didn't burn it. *eyeballs you*

I didn't know however. that I was supposed to pull the filo dough out of the freezer 5 hours before using it.


I managed to save myself though by nuking it in the microwave...turning it and kneading it softly every 10 seconds so it de-thawed (semi) evenly.

It was a bit shaky to work with as it was thin like a fine layer of skin and kept tearing--but I managed to glue each layer together with melted butter that I brushed on it--and WALLA! No one was the wiser.

*mops my brow*

Next dinner? Is Moroccan and I've heard I'm in charge of H'orderves. Pfftt. I can handle that.

*Z snaps*

So that's it, Peeps. That's all my news.

Do me a favor and go check out my AKatsEyeView site and let me know what you think of the changes.


Thank you.

Thank you very much. (*Brenda from Closer Southern voice*)


Watchu' still doin' here? GO! Chop chop! *claps hands*


Kids these days...


Peaceful said...

Whew! I can breathe now...!
Glad it went well & I am sure the strudel was very tasty :P
Your site is pretty as ever-:)

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: LOL @ you holdin your breath! :D
Thanks for the site feed-back. You get an A+ on your homework ;)

Aafrica said...

Moroccan? hmm ... do keep us posted what will happen ...

those are some nice pictures. have you printed any of them? the real prints usually have a whole different feel. bound them together and it would make a really unique coffee table book. or maybe you can give them out as xmas present. better yet, sell them!

Haphazardkat said...

Aafrica: I took a pic of my strudel...I'll have to post that :)
I printed out a few of my pics. I didn't have the right photo paper so they came out without the subtle lighting that makes a good pic so important (at least to me) :) I've since purchased better paper so I will attempt a printing again! :D

R U Serious?? said...

After spending a MONTH in Morocco a few years with Becky, she is now an Excellent Moroccan cook. OH!! I'm sure you are too!! Filo?? Pidgeon Pie?? Well, not really pidgeon.

California is always on the edge except from June thru August!

Sweetie?? Post when you can!!

Haphazardkat said...

Bob-a-roo: Thats right!! I remember reading about your wifes awesome Morrocan cooking! I know I can come to you guys if I have a problem with the new recipe thats going to be given to me! :D
How's Bachelor life treating you?
run outta clean undies yet??


Slick said...

So when do I get to try this food you speak of??

Cindy said...

Thank You for makeshift island...I love it!....I'm off to scare people with my hideous eye...I need to pick up some books,for my island(bed)I've gotten myself an infection..I will be back to look at your pics when I can view properly...still kind of seeing double.
take care, (hugs)

Jade said...