Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What the...?!!

So. I was driving home from work and stuck in the corner of traffic where there is a stupid timed-wait-your-turn-traffic-signal-on-ramp light. I was waiting my turn...muttering at the light...when I see this hot car pass me by on the right.

Well...hmm...what do we have here?

Niceeeee car.


Must inch closer and see what hunk of man is driving this hot car.

*inch inch inch*

Yes. That's it. Turn your head. Let me see you. That's right. Turn. Turn your hea...

What the...?!!

Are those...headphones?

And...and...duct tape??

Good lord.

The dude had duct taped headphones to his head.

I shizzle you not.


Cindy said...

Love the car....Too bad dude wrecks the image with duct taped headphones. *snort*

Peaceful said...

I...I just cannot get by the CUTE kitty on your dashboard!!!!!
I don't know which to focus on-
cute pink fuzzzy--oo, cool car--pink fuzzy/cool car....
And I really think the action movement of the next picture is wicked good!

Peaceful said...

Lifts up lip....DUCT TAPE?!!!

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: I know, right?!! WTH??

Jadey: Luv my kitty :D It's a bobble head kitty too :>
The action shot was me trying to zoom into the picture so you guys could see the duct tape on his face...Too hard to see though. *sulk*
I was trying to snap pics of him all covert spy like but he kept turning his head to look in my direction!!
and yeah...duct tape. To the side of his face.
WTH man.
Dude should not be allowed to drive hot car. It raises my girlie-needs-hunk-visual-needs then DASHES them to the curb.
rudeness if you ask me!

Laoch of Chicago said...