Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mantis Boy

MiniWarrior has managed to capture what is probably the last two living Mantis's of the season.

Lord V carting MiniWarrior back to his Dads house on Sunday packed in his trunk:

2 Mantis cages and
1 Hermit crab cage.

What MiniWarrior didn't pack was his school backpack or cricket victims for his caged prey.

So, last night after work I slipped by the pet store and picked up a baggie of crickets and toted them and MiniWarriors backpack over to him at his Dads house.

With my iPhone eyeball always at the ready...I bring to you--images of Mantis Boy and his creepy Prisoners.


Peaceful said...

Sooooo, what is he going to be for Halloween?

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: A vampire :) He wants me to go along dressed as Hello Kitty girl with vampire holes in my neck, LOL :D

Slick said...

That boy has nerves of steel....

I can't stand anything with more than 4 legs!!

Especially crawling on me!

The Darker Side said...

Aw gee............. they're CUTE! For mantis' anyway.......

Vampire, eh? heh heh heh..... Boris Karloff MOVE OVER!


Haphazardkat said...

Slick: i know man. *shudder* I keep tellin him...put a cage on that beast cuz if it flys in Mommas hair someones gonna die :|

Dragonlady: They are creepy ass bugs who stare at you as if you're their next meal :| And yeah...Vampire!!!! LOL. He has much fun with the fake blood!!