Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Party Goodness!

The Christmas party was awesome.

Our house was filled with the sights and sounds of many friends and their families.

You know what I enjoyed most?

No one stood around. Everyone flung themselves into the kitchen and started digging around and cooking--it was like one huge family gathering where no one was the "guest".

The Christmas ships passed our house all decked out in their light displays. Most people piled out of the house and stood by the fire pit to wave and cheer at the ships as they cruised by.

On the way back by us the ships stopped and turned their ships towards our house and played a bit of their music. My girlfriend, MiniWarrior and I were whooping and hollering at the ships screaming "MERRY CHRISTMAS! and THANK YOU!!"

I spent some time trying to get every individual family to pose by the Christmas tree so I could take their photo. I was able to get a lot of family shots. I'm so looking forward to my weekend and having some time to work on the photos! I feel passionate about being able to capture those rare moments where the entire family gets the opportunity to be complete in a casual photo. I tried to capture every ones unique personalities--I hope I was able to do so.

One of my friends asked if I would take her daughters Senior photos. I am a little intimidated by that as that's an important time of a kids life--but I am also honored that they felt it was something I could do. I lay in bed last night with my mind spinning with ideas of locations and ideas for the photo shoot. There will be no charge--but I feel the weight of the responsibility and want to be able to give them some memorable photos :)

When I was done with taking the Christmas family shots, I walked into my kitchen and my friends had cleaned the entire place! There was not a stray cup/napkin/plate or dirty dish to be found and they had packaged up all the leftovers in baggies for us.

They rock. Seriously. R.O.C.K.

I don't know how I got so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

I'll try and post some Christmas ship pics this weekend. Not sure how well they came out as I need to get a different lens for my camera that will allow me to take distant shots.

Good times, Peeps.

Awesomely good times :)


Cindy said...

Thanks for the recap...
It sounds as if you had a wonderful time...gotta love it when the party goers clean up after themselves...
Your friends do indeed ROCK!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Could your friends stop by and clean up around my flat?

Aafrica said...

great time you had there! even greater friends! ... and when you say you got "wonderful friends", that include me, right?

have fun with the photo shoot. don't think too much just snap away--the digital camera is the best invention since 1998. (during the stone age when we had to use film, we usually don't load films until you got the feel of it. of course the subjects didn't know you are holding an empty camera :) the first few dozens of pictures are probably not going to be the best. but once you and her are warmed up and relaxed around each other, you'll be amazed at the pictures when they emerge from the chemicals ... ugh ... Photoshop :)

gawd i need to dig out my camera.

ColleenQ said...

Man, I need to trade in my friends! ;)

terri said...

You are going to do a GREAT job with the pictures. You are verrrrry good.

Peaceful said...

I was looking forward to this years christmas boat post! I cannot wait to see the pictures of them!
What a party! and no clean up? geez!