Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Post Christmas!

How was everyones Christmas?

Mine was fantabulous! :D

Family was able to make it through the snow--and we had a beautiful, delicious ham dinner Christmas Eve--then fell upon the presents with glee.

MiniWarrior cracked us up.

Right after dinner, he stood up and started going around the table collecting dirty dishes from everyone and said, "Now, you guys just rest and let your dinner digest. That way when you open your presents you won't yell JACKPOT! and get a stomach ache!"


His angle was to get us to move into the progression of eat dinner--open gifts. He had been asking all day as to when we were going to open them but had not gotten a definitive answer.

The kid is a born politician!

God help us...

Santa was very kind to me!

Here are two of my gifts: (the fridge in the middle was from last year)
Loveeeeeeeeeee them *sing song voice* main gift?

A telephoto 70-300 image stabilization lens for Chanda! WOO!!

You can see the Christmas Sunset I took with her new attachment HERE

Everyone was delightfully spoiled by Santa and his relative elves this year.

But *other then the awesome lens* the thing I love the most?

Was being cozied up with family, snowbound, enjoying the Ham feast and sharing the excitement and laughter of the holidays.

Good times. Good times.

I have tracked myself all over your blogs this morning checkin on how your holidays were. Seems everyone (who posted: *hint*cough*hint*) had a fabulous Christmas time!

Yay us! :D


Cindy said...

Hi Kat,
It sounds like you had a wonderful time...I hope you and Chandra have fun with your new toy...
I know that my Dad always loved the power outages because he love. the quiet and didn't mind the work...My Step-Mother didn't like it so much. As a teenager when I would go visit them and the power would go out, I would do the cooking and water heating, and tend the fires as long as my Dad kept the firewood coming it was all good...And I was never bored and always slept well on those nights.

Peaceful said...

Soon as I saw pink I zoomed over :D
weee! WOW sounds like quite a lens!
zooms over to see pictures...
A friend of mine was right- you are in incredible photographer.

The Darker Side said...

My kid is gonna make you jealous! Her gramma got her sheets and a comforter and pillowcases..... I shall be snapping pix tomorrow for you to drool over...........(evil dragon grin)
Meanwhile - I shall wisk my curious self over and see what you and Chanda have created!
Merry Christmas Scritches!!!!

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: it does sound very romantic and cozy :) ! *hugsss to you and tessa*

Jadey: aw you are too sweet! I'm still learning!! *hug-a-roos!*

Dragonlady: omgosh..HK ones??? Hops up and down and waits for pics!!!!! and thank you for your kind comments on the Chanda photos :) I am fortunate to live where beautiful scenery helps make very pretty photos!!

Aafrica said...

those are some awesome appliances you got. love them :) glad Santa made it to your chimney on time despite all the snow.

Haphazardkat said...

Aafrica: Yah. Yay Santa! :D Gotta love the fat guy :D

terri said...

I am excited to see your new work...that lens sounds dreamy and I am a bit jealous, really. :)

I am happy that your holidays were restful and full of magic.