Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I was hoofing it to Starbucks through the half shoveled sidewalks of Portland this morning.

There had been a slight thaw the day before but the cooler night temperatures had frozen the snow melt to a treacherous high gloss sheen.

I was walking on the snowy street along side the ice skating sidewalk when a man sightly ahead of me suddenly flew through the air and landed with a WHOMP! onto his back on the sidewalk.

He hit pretty hard and I was a bit alarmed.

"Sir, are you OK?" I asked

He didn't respond.

"SIR! Are you OK?" I asked moving closer to him.

He slowly moved to a sitting position and shook himself.

I reached down and started gathering up his belongings that had gone flying.

Handing him his book, I asked again if he was OK.

He didn't say anything but turned to look to to his right.

"Awww Sh*$! My COFFEE!" He suddenly bellowed.

I followed his forlorn gaze to his coffee cup laying upside down, spilling its contents onto the sidewalk.

"Bummer." I commiserated.

He rolled an eyeball to the Venti Mocha I held clutched to my chest and sighed.

I tsked in sympathy, helped him to his feet then patted him on the arm and stumbled my way to work.


It may be Christmas time--but I ain't given up my morning Mocha.

No way.

Nuh uh.

*Z snaps*


terri said...

At my Starbucks we would have made him a fresh new one...and had you given him yours, you would have gotten a brand new one AND a gift card for being so sweet.

But I understand.

Cindy said...

When I worked for Starbuck's I saw something simular while I was on my break, at the time I was known as the "coupon Queen" and as such I always had a book of coupons in my back pocket while I was on shift, so I went up to the guy and gave him a coupon. He was quite thankful.
But now that I don't get a discount I wouldn't be giving up my coffee either(hazelnut, extra shot, whith whip latte.) thankyou very much. :)

Peaceful said...

Now ThAts a christmas story-

Aafrica said...

hehehe .... you know with the amount they charge for a cup of coffee, it might as well be a cup of gold.

Happy Christmas!

Laoch of Chicago said...

I keep slipping and falling on the ice this year. Now I understand why all those folks went south for the winters when I was a boy!