Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holiday Craze

After dropping MiniWarrior off at his Dads house yesterday, I decided to get a few errands done while in that neck of the woods--and then zip on home to enjoy some World of Warcraft play til you drool "me time".

It started off well.

I hit the Pharmacy to refill a prescription and had a relaxing time perusing the Christmas aisles while waiting for the pharmacy.

Prescription in hand, I headed out to the local Craft store humming a Christmas tune and plotting decorating ideas in my head.

La la la la.
La la la la...

Oh my. Lotsa people out and about today...

Dee dum dee dooooo
Dum diddly deeee...

Ooooh! Look at all the neat Christmas stuff!

la la la...

Oh, 'scuse me.

Pardon me.

'scuse me!

I'm sorry. If I just need to get over to this...

Just let me grab this....

OMG Peeps! MUST you ALL stand in the middle aisle?!

sorry sorry...let me just...

Where are the freakin christmas balls?!

OMG its crowded in here.

Sweet Jesus, just let me find the stupid christmas balls and I'm outta...

Oops sorry didn't mean to bump into you.

Good Lord that kids got a pair of lungs on him.

'scuse me.

Oh sorry! 'scuse me!

Where the frack are the &%#! Christmas BALLS!

'scuse me, Ma'am? Where are the Christmas balls?



I can't believe she just freakin' blew right by me!


OK. Can't find Christmas balls...gonna use gold packages instead.



Now let me just pay for...

'scuse me.

'Pardon me.

The line starts...WHERE?!

sweet Josephine. I'm never getting out of here.

Why isn't this line MOVING?!

Sweet mother she pulling out a checkbook?

Who freakin pays with checks anymore?

oh sweet lord. I'm gonna die in here.

Archaeologists will dig up my bones and be mystified as to how a person died standing up without a sign of mortal woundage.


Yes yes. Merry Christmas to you, Ma'am.

Yes yes. I found everything I needed.

'cept the freakin' christmas balls!


Here's a note my Peeps.


Never ever EVAHR

go out Christmas shopping on the weekend.


ever ever ever EVER.



Laoch of Chicago said...

The best time for Christmas shopping is December 24th!

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: I agree! Many times I've scoped out what I want to buy and then waited until that day to do ALL my shopping. I should have rememebered...I was lost for a moment in the insanity of wanting to decorate.
...I blame that Martha chick ;)

Peaceful said...

wow I am glad people are out & about!
I was getting really worried at the empty malls around here.
I got to crawl around two of them & there were an ok amount of people-not too crazy- just enough to satisfy my people watching needs :)
and Hot topic cravings-I hope I get something from there Hello Kitty for xmas!
My itty-bitty tree is up!

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: Hot Topic HK!!!!! I bought HK sheets from there :D

The Darker Side said...

Repeat after me: I love my computer. loves me. I love my computer. loves me!



Sue said...

Yup, that's what it's like here too. Checkbooks too! I thought it was just a PA thing. Now I see the, ahem, spirit is everywhere.