Monday, January 12, 2009


Busy week, Peeps. Busy week.

I have 3 birthdays to plan for--one of them being MiniWarriors!

He stands as tall as my eyebrows and had begun the pre-teen eating fest.

To that I have to say--GOOD LORD! WHERE does he PUT all that FOOD??

Oh yeah.

Into his legs which are mini tree trunks and growing as fast as a dandelion in Springtime.

Just this past week I received the frantic phone call from his StepMom for more pants--'cuz he's out grown 'em all.

ALL of them...

*tsks and shakes my head*

And another thing?

When we drive past teenage girls loping on the sidewalks he turns to me and says, "Those girls are cute. Or should I say, flamin' hot!" which he finishes off with a manly waggle of his eyebrows.

God help us all.

My baby's growin' up.



Laoch of Chicago said...

Happy almost birthday to the small but ever growing one

Peaceful said...

I will NEVER forget the night when his son fell asleep in our bed for the last time... His father went to pick him up to carry him to bed and there were these looong adult-like legs dangling and he had a tough time lifting him...yes, it seems to happen over night.

Aafrica said...

awww ... but he will always be just MINIwarrior in your heart