Saturday, January 24, 2009

His Guidoness

I grilled Brats on the outdoor grill last night--and Mr. Guido took the opportunity to slink his way outside (un-seen).

We were chomping our feast when Lord V perked up his head and said, "Is that Guido?"

Apparently he heard him yowling.

He got up and searched out side calling for Guido but couldn't find him.

Guido has snuck out before and always come back so I wasn't too alarmed and knew he'd be back when he got cold.

A short time later while cleaning up the dinner carnage MiniWarrior heard Guido scratch at the door. He opened the door and Mr. Guido shot inside slinking low and looking spooked and cold.

"Where's his collar? I don't hear it jingling?" MiniWarrior asked.

I coaxed Mr. Guido out from under the darkness of the stairs and found him bare necked. Collar gone.

We think the yowl that Lord V heard was Guido being trapped outside by his collar!

Thank goodness I followed the cat rule of only placing a break-away collar on him and didn't put a regular collar on him!

Now that it's daylight I'm going hunting to see if I can find where Mr. Guido had been trapped...


Peaceful said...

oh god, I am very distressed :(-that happened to owen once-found his collar in the briars :(

R U Serious?? said...

Awwww...! Poor Guido!! Let us know where you found the collar!!

As for the concert, you are right!! When Jessica is on it's a good time to recycle beer!! I am SOOO looking forward to it! And I WILL take pictures!!

Becky got bored so she is making the Beef Burgundy!! Wooo Hooo! A day early so the flavors blend!! And she hates beef so I am monitoring her activities in the kitchem! lol!!

I hope you are having a GOOD weekend!!

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: I walked all around the house and checked low snaggy bushes but didn't find the collar. :(
There is only the wetland acres beside the house to check now...and I'm not going there :| too many spiders!!

Bob-a-roo: Guido is still acting spooked. We went out and got him a new collar and ID tag this weekend. He's not happy about being un-naked again :)