Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day!

Crazy busy weekend with parties. I was (almost) glad to get back to the quiet of work yesterday! (almost) :P

It was officially MiniWarriors birthday yesterday which he was going to celebrate at his Dads (we celebrated it on Friday)...'cept his Dad called me yesterday morning and MiniWarrior had woken up with a terrible stomach flu! :( Poor little guy.

He was very disappointed and a bit blue, so I spent some time talking to him on the phone to cheer him. I was glad that he had celebrated his birthday already with us--so he didn't totally miss out on his celebration time!


It's hard when I hear him so sad and sick. Everything in me wants to go over and take care of him but I realize that would be intruding on his StepMom and Dad time so I have to allow them their time to care for him and bond with him.


Any big plans for today? Is everyone watching the inauguration festivities going on? It's crazy! So many people converging on Washington!

I just hope the Secret Service does a better job of protecting Mr. Obama then they did Mr. Bush during the infamous shoe throwing incident!

Don't even get me started on that rant...

I'm not a Bush fan...but he is/was the head of our country--visiting a foreign country during War time--and someone was allowed enough time to not only hurl an item at him without being put down but was allowed to hurl a second item before the Security guarding OUR leader responded and tackled the assailant.

I ask you, that the representation we want the world to see of our security?


End rant.

*puff huff pant*

Where's Clint when ya need him, ya know? ;)

"Feeling lucky, Punk?"

"Well do ya?"


Laoch of Chicago said...

I am making cookies today. I'll save you one.

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: *perk* Cookies? :D zzzzzzzzzzzooms on over!

terri said...

No plans as of yet - but I could be persuaded to come where the cookies are being distributed. :)

Cute pic!

R U Serious?? said...

That was some car, huh? It still amazes me that I can walk up to a stranger, say "Smile!! I have a blog!" and the obey! HAHAHA I suppose that someday my luck will run out.

I hope you were off today. I missed the inauguration festivities yesterday because I was watching my poor Eagles lose!! ARGGGGH!!

Take care and I hope MiniWarrior is feeling better.

The Darker Side said...

Wanna come over n bring Chanda n take a pitcher of me? Huh? Do ya?
They tole me i gots to have a digital pitcher fer a photo id.... :( Imagine that......... a dragon with a photo id.............

Hope MW feels better soon - those tummy buggles STINK!