Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I won second place in a photo contest!

I feel like I'm 5 and this blog is my parents refrigerator gallery door...

*big happy grin*


terri said...

oh my goodness! It's amazing! YOU are amazing!!

I hope you will have that matted and framed and for sale by night's end.


Aafrica said...

congratulations!!! that's a terrific picture! what did you win?

R U Serious?? said...

Yippee!!! You must LOVE the new camera! Congrats!!!!!

When I see them escorting off my crazy neighbor in an orange jumpsuit, you will get the first picture! Same thing if it's a straightjacket!!! Did I tell you that she accused me of planting shrubs in her yard?? They had been there for 3 years but she pulled them up!!! Nutso I tell ya!!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Nicely done!

Haphazardkat said...

Terri: yer makin me blush :)

Aafrica: just kudo's. No "award" other then the title :)

Bob-a-roo: I DO love my new camera :D AND my new lens!! Sounds like yer neighbor is a bit schitzo??

Laochie: It's a start, hmm? :D yay!

Peaceful said...

Congratulations! I bow to the Master!

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: lol @ bow :D Do you think someday if I should be famous--people will toss hello kitty's at me?? :D
ahhh one can dream....*purrrrrr*

The Darker Side said...

Excellent perspective!
VERY well done!