Monday, September 07, 2009

Evening Hawk

I dragged my weary bones home from work yesterday while an early Fall sunset shimmered off the trees freshly watered from a pounding rain shower.

I sat at the kitchen table and gazed out the windows at the evening light show, then snapped up Chanda and headed out to try and capture a bit of the magic.

A hawk soared high above me swooping in and out of the spears of waning sunlight.

I tracked it with Chanda's telescopic lens snapping pictures as it played in the wind.

You can see those pictures at

It was a beautiful evening. The wind whipping around me and through the trees sounding like a muffled chorus as it ruffled their rain soaked branches.

I found it hard to go back inside but as I was clad in my Hello Kitty PJ's I figured I had given the neighbors enough of a show for the night ;)


KyleD said...

I'm telling ya, that's an osprey! And those other hawks, the ones with the white heads? We call them "eagles"!

Haphazardkat said...

Kyle: Jadey said it first and YOU had to google it. HA!

KyleD said...

Naw, I said she was right, and we then Googled it to prove it to you! Remember? Losing your memory?

And the eagle part was all me!

So there! HAH! I laugh at your Washingtonianess!!