Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Oh HELL No!!

What's this I hear about a day of no Cats (on the internet?)

You think you can stop the cat madness?

You cannot corral and contain us! Cannot, I say!

We will break free and hunt you down.


Fear us...


Cindy said...

No cats?
I think not...
Yeah I think it was jitters or a delayed reaction to getting her head bounced off a metal post at work the day before.....Yeah I didn't know about that until her boss phoned to see how she was....OIY!
Thanks for good luck wishes, I really hope I get something steady.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Felines are fundamental!!!

thecreature66 said...

You so need to cut back on the medicinal herbs lady.....or medicinal kat-nip

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: omg at Tessa hitting her head so hard it made her throw up!! Maybe should get her checked?? yikes.

Laochie: Agreed!

BD: Just say NO to cut backs!!

Cindy said...

No, SHE didn't hit her head, the guy she asked to move out of the aisle took exception to having a girl telling him what to do did it for her, when it happened her supervisor who as taken a bit of a shine to her leaped on the guy, the park medics checked her out, she got to stay in the med tent and have drinks and food brought to her AND she got paid for it!
I think it was a combo of school jitters and shock that did it. This morning she was feeling good and when I called her between classes she said she was doing good...She has to go get a flu shot tomorrow I will tell the Doc about it and see what he says anyway.