Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summers Last Breath

I got up early this morning, donned my shorts and work out shirt, slid my feet into flip flops and headed out the door.

Today is supposed to be the last hot day of the '09 for us in Washington--so I had to take advantage. I set up the pressure washer and hosed down all the lawn furniture and cushions so they could dry in to days sunshine.

Tomorrow Lord V and I will drag them into the garage where they will hibernate until next Summer. *sigh* I shall miss our Summer evening BB Q's with our friends.

Tonight Lord V, MiniWarrior and I are headed to a friends house for a last Summer hurrah BBQ. One of my friends (and his family) who shall be in attendance has a blog now. Check it out HERE! He and his little red-headed family are closer then friends to Lord V, MiniWarrior and I...they are an extended family to us.

If you got a minute, stop by and welcome him to Blogland, will ya? :)

MiniWarrior has embraced Middle School with much joy! He comes home smiling and chattering about how much he loves school. He's so mature now its amazing to me and at times I find it hard to believe he's only 11.

I've begun documenting the last images of his quickly dwindling childhood, frantically trying to capture it because I can see it disappearing in large pieces like a lizard shedding its skin.

I know next year? I'll shake my head and wonder at where my little boy has gone.

There is still a tiny bit of evidence. Like this morning? I looked over to Gabby Abby's cat tree and saw MiniWarriors beloved Butterscotch (the stuffed kitty he's had since he was 4) laying on top of the cat tree.

I snatched up Chanda and documented it for you. Gabby Abby wandered over mid shoot and lay down beside Butterscotch.

Priceless :)


Laoch of Chicago said...

I hope your son has a fine year. That feline really is remarkably cute.

Peaceful said...

oh that Butterscotch is so cute I want one!
:( I remember him putting his tons of stuffed animals in garbage bags & bringing them to the attic & taking down his kid posters, making his room a more 'teen' room. We actually had fun though.

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: Thank you :)

Jadey: I think my heart will stop when the time comes where he packs up his toys :( He's already into "clothes" and "looking sharp for the girls" The teen years loom every close :(

Aafrica said...

what a pair they make, Butterscotch and Abby. ... here is hoping MiniWarrior a excitement filled year ahead.

Haphazardkat said...

Aafrica: Thank you. How's your son enjoying his year in school?