Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moody Kat

I've been slinking around the house lately all moody Kat.

Last night as I stood in the brisk Fall evening wind grilling Honey Bourbon Chicken Breasts (mmm)I had a conversation with myself to try and figure out the moody cloud that's been hovering over me.

A lot of things (large things) were obvious. One being my Mom's (EWO) open heart surgery coming up sometime in October.

It's worrisome. This looming surgery for EWO. She's 83 and last time I saw her she appeared fragile. I worry that she won't wake up from the surgery or that there will be complications and she won't survive afterwards. I'm trying to prepare for that. To organize things that if this should happen what I would need to do with her things in Mexico and lawyers and bookkeepers etc. Mostly, I dread the grief. The loss...and...the relief.

I think that's whats really making me moody. The fact that there is a tiny part of me that would be relieved that that part of my life would be over. How wrong is that? How terrible is that? How awful?


I spent my childhood chanting two things to help me survive through it:

1. This will not last forever. Someday you'll be an adult, have a family of your own to love and love you.

2. You will not let her change you. You will strive to be kind, compassionate and unselfish so that one day when you stand over her grave you can dust your hands and say "I won" "It is done" and walk away without regret.

MiniWarrior and I have been fortunate to have found someone who loves us and has taken us into his life like lost foster children and has embraced us as family, opening his home and sharing us with his extended family.

Step one is complete.

The reality of Step two is more complicated.

Now that I am facing the reality where the time that I can "dust my hands" might very well be in the near future I'm conflicted, my Peeps. Seriously conflicted.

Time has softened the wounds of my childhood. Wounds that this woman created. But she is a human being whom I have history with. One who laughs and cries and dreams...and I feel ugly for the confliction inside me.

So, I'm moody for I'm very much afraid I've failed in kindness, compassion and unselfishness.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Goodness

I've found myself playing World of Warcraft a lot this past week.

My mind is filled with work and I find it hard to relax. Zooming around in the virtual world of warcraft helps me relax.

Is it a bit disturbing that running around killing things is relaxing?

*shifts my eyes around nervously*

I did have something cool happen in the WoW world this weekend.

I acquired and epic pet! What's that you ask?

My character is a Huntress and she has the ability to tame enemy animals to make them her pets.

Once they are her pets they fight along side her helping kill baddies.

This weekend?

I tamed a very strong cat who bears the title "EPIC" in his name. This means he's tougher then normal cats.

You see the pic of the big cat on my blog banner?

That's what he looks like!! :D

*hops around with geeket excitement and pumps a victorious fist in the air*


It takes so little, my Peeps.

It takes so little.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy Busy

Crazy busy time at work right now.

I shall return when I can breathe again.

Meantime--I give you for your viewing entertainment!

*waggles fingers and zooms back to work*

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Events and EWO Future Events

We had a busy weekend. Lord V's family was in town and one of our favorite couples came and stayed with us.

We had a really good time with them and the gathering of all his other relatives on Saturday--so many people in a small space though...yikes, my head is still ringing!!

Speaking of relatives...

My Mom (EWO) is supposed to go in for open heart surgery soon. Her heart has a leaky valve. :( I will be flying out to be with her somewhere in California (she has yet to send me details as to where she's having her surgery)...sometime in the next couple of weeks.

It is a bit scary as this is major surgery for anyone let alone an 83 year old woman.
She was very happy when I told her I would fly out to be with her during it--but honestly, no matter our past history, she is my Mom for godsake. Why would I leave her to go through something like this alone?! She makes me crazy but (god bless her evil wrinkled soul) I love her.

I haven't heard when she is having the surgery yet--but that is typical. She will let me know (probably the day of the surgery) but I know this about her so I have prepared my work in advance of my need to suddenly depart. I work with a great group and a wonderful boss who has worked overtime in making sure this process will be as smooth as possible for me.

So, if I should suddenly depart and disappear for a bit from blogland--you'll know I'm by EWO's side.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Office Prank and Payback!

The other night I had a dream that I got a fantastic job offer for a dream job--the only catch is that it was in Minnesota!

I yelled in my dream, "Minnesota! Why fracken Minnesota?! It snows there 9 months out of the year!" (I know this 'cuz I went to college there and vowed never to live there again).

I mentioned this to one of my coworkers who had told me he also had a snow dream that very night! Our newest coworker over heard us pondering what two snow related dreams could possibly mean...

and said she dearly hoped it would snow as she had just moved to Portland from Alaska and already missed the snow.

I and the other coworker yelped "NO! NO! No snow for us!" in response.

She laughed. Evily.

This morning?

I came in to work to find new coworker had adorned my desk with fake snowflakes!



Now I must teach the new one the perils of pranking the kat!

So...what is my revenge you ask?

I filled a garbage bag with packing peanuts and formed a cute snowman out of it.

Aw. Look how cute.

Aren't I nice?

Mm Hm.

I am.

I nicely arranged the snowman on her desk...

then nicely reached under and cut out the bottom of the bag...

Sooooo when she goes all "Aw how cute!" and picks it up?

Her snow wish shall be granted.

All. Over. Her. Desk.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Two Claws UP!

I watched an (older) movie yesterday over my "Play Instantly" account with Netflix.

The movie was Apocalypto by Mel Gibson.

Wow. Intense movie!

I seem to remember this movie being bashed by the critics but I honestly do not know why?

It was violent and had some gory scenes (well OK--quite a lot) but the family structure portrayed by the tribes was gripping.

I spent a large part of the movie with my hand over my mouth trying to keep some sort of control over my emotions.

I don't like the manipulation of movies when they obviously try to wrench an emotion out of you.

But this movie? Didn't need to try. The story was of an era long past but is still achingly true today.

All I can say is, "Well done, Mr. Gibson. Well done."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summers Last Breath

I got up early this morning, donned my shorts and work out shirt, slid my feet into flip flops and headed out the door.

Today is supposed to be the last hot day of the '09 for us in Washington--so I had to take advantage. I set up the pressure washer and hosed down all the lawn furniture and cushions so they could dry in to days sunshine.

Tomorrow Lord V and I will drag them into the garage where they will hibernate until next Summer. *sigh* I shall miss our Summer evening BB Q's with our friends.

Tonight Lord V, MiniWarrior and I are headed to a friends house for a last Summer hurrah BBQ. One of my friends (and his family) who shall be in attendance has a blog now. Check it out HERE! He and his little red-headed family are closer then friends to Lord V, MiniWarrior and I...they are an extended family to us.

If you got a minute, stop by and welcome him to Blogland, will ya? :)

MiniWarrior has embraced Middle School with much joy! He comes home smiling and chattering about how much he loves school. He's so mature now its amazing to me and at times I find it hard to believe he's only 11.

I've begun documenting the last images of his quickly dwindling childhood, frantically trying to capture it because I can see it disappearing in large pieces like a lizard shedding its skin.

I know next year? I'll shake my head and wonder at where my little boy has gone.

There is still a tiny bit of evidence. Like this morning? I looked over to Gabby Abby's cat tree and saw MiniWarriors beloved Butterscotch (the stuffed kitty he's had since he was 4) laying on top of the cat tree.

I snatched up Chanda and documented it for you. Gabby Abby wandered over mid shoot and lay down beside Butterscotch.

Priceless :)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Oh HELL No!!

What's this I hear about a day of no Cats (on the internet?)

You think you can stop the cat madness?

You cannot corral and contain us! Cannot, I say!

We will break free and hunt you down.


Fear us...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Evening Hawk

I dragged my weary bones home from work yesterday while an early Fall sunset shimmered off the trees freshly watered from a pounding rain shower.

I sat at the kitchen table and gazed out the windows at the evening light show, then snapped up Chanda and headed out to try and capture a bit of the magic.

A hawk soared high above me swooping in and out of the spears of waning sunlight.

I tracked it with Chanda's telescopic lens snapping pictures as it played in the wind.

You can see those pictures at

It was a beautiful evening. The wind whipping around me and through the trees sounding like a muffled chorus as it ruffled their rain soaked branches.

I found it hard to go back inside but as I was clad in my Hello Kitty PJ's I figured I had given the neighbors enough of a show for the night ;)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Two Claws UP!!

Inglorious Bastards was a great movie!!

Brad Pitt was hilarious with his Southern accent and one liners but the real show stealer was Christoph Waltz who played the evil Col. Hans Landa.

He was fantastic!

Yeah it was violent and had a couple of wince and close your eyes scenes--but for the most part it was a straight up well acted, great written, superbly shot, keenly directed movie.

How's that for a description?! :D

Inglorious Bastards

MiniWarrior is ensconced at his Dads house for the weekend and Lord V and I are off to watch "Inglorious Bastards".

I expect this movie will be violent as Quentin Tarantino directed it--but I have a (semi-guilty) love of his movies!!

I shall return and let y'all know how it is.

Anyone seen it yet?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

MiniWarrior Takes On Middle School

First day of driving MiniWarrior to and from Middle school--done.

I gotta tell you. I'm so dang proud of him.

He stands as tall as the 8th graders and walks amongst them as confident as an adult.

He's thrown himself into the new school year with a smile and excitement to learn new things.

I watched him walk through the throng of middle school peers this morning and got a little Mom misty eyed. He looks so old now. Broad shouldered, skin burnt dark brown from the sun, and a smile on his face.

I have no idea what his future will hold for him. But I don't have any doubt he'll succeed higher then we could ever envision.

You go, my MiniWarrior.

I'm so so proud of you.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

GabbyAbby Leg Nest

Okay Okay.

One more pic of GabbyAbby then its Homework time for you, Peeps!

There. Now back to work!

It's My Friday (Already??!!)

I took Sunday off from work 'cuz I was in Yakima.

Then I left work early Monday so I could take MiniWarrior to meet his teacher and tour his classroom before he started 6th grade today (!!!)...

Which left me Tuesday and Today for full days of work.

And now?

It's my Friday.


I have no weekend plans other then driving MiniWarrior to school Thursday and Friday.
(he starts school at 8:15 now--ugh)

I shall have to plot and devise some tasty weekend plans!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gabby Abby in Yellow

Gabby Abby wanted to show you her new dress.

Isn't she pretty? :)

Summers Last Hurrah

Truck packed, cooler filled with ice, beer and soda, Lord V, MiniWarrior and I headed North towards Castle Rock--then veered Eastward winding our way up to Yakima.

The scenery was gorgeous. Huge Ponderosa Pines with their red striped bark pressed up against looming mountain boulders.

We wound our way up for several hours then finally descended into the valley of Naches 30 miles west of Yakima.

We checked into our Hotel: The Whistling Jack Lodge. It was very quaint and had a cute window seat that over looked the Naches river below.

Once checked in, we headed out again to meet up with Lord V's family at their cabin.

We were weary from the long drive and spent the rest of the evening lazing around chatting with family while MiniWarrior trundled off to see what bugs Yakima had to offer for his collection.

The next day we all headed out to the Yakima with our trucks brimming with inflated rafts and inner tubes for our quest to ride the river.

We left a car at the end of our river ride and then drove 9 miles to our starting point. There were 9 of us total. 2 rafts and 5 inner tubes that we tied together with a long rope while we drifted down the river.

It took us over 2 hours to float the 9 mile trek. The weather was perfect and the water was freezing...there was much laughter and shrieking echoing off the Yakima canyon walls!

The next day a group of us headed up the road and hiked up to a waterfall. I don't remember the name of it--but it was a brutal uphill hike. Beautiful, but brutal on my plumpness.

Sunday (our final day) Lord V's sister, MiniWarrior and I headed out on another hike to a cave. Another brutal uphill hike--but the cave was cool. I could imagine what it was like in the old days when the explorers used such places for shelter. It was pitch black inside which made walking difficult as the tiny spears of light from our flashlights barely penetrated the inky darkness.

We repacked the truck and headed back home after our cave hike. We paused along the way to take some shots of Mt. Rainier with Chanda. See? :)

We stopped for dinner an hour from home and chomped on burgers at Lord V's favorite burger cafe, stretched our achy bones and caught up on voice mails and emails on our iPhones. I must admit, I felt a thrill of excitement to be connected to technology again! We had totally been cut off. No TV, no Cable, no Internet, no Cellphones...not even books. I had traveled to 3 different convenience stores by our Hotel searching for reading material as I had forgotten to pack a book...but nothing. No books, no magazines...nothing. When I asked the clerks if they had any reading material I could buy they blinked at me like frogs in the rain.

"Whayll, I gots a fishing manual" One offered helpfully.


So...yeah. We were very glad to be back in civilization!!

It was a beautiful place to visit and a very peaceful, relaxing end to our Summer vacation, though :)

More vacation images can be viewed at