Sunday, January 13, 2008

Refreshing Weekend


*sniffs the air and saunters around*

This weekend was mighty refreshing, Peeps.

Mighty refreshing.

I was able to (hang on to yer bloomers, Grandma) acquire enough sleep and relax.

MiniWarrior went to his Dad's on Saturday so I was able to spend some quality "not being Mommmmmm" time.

I worked out at the gym, played Diablo II (online) with my girlfriend, lazed around watching football with Lord V, and went out to dinner with our friends.

It was the purrrfect kat weekend.

How's all your weekends going?

(Bob-a-roo, I already know how yours is going. *shakes my notebook* I've been taking notes and I'm accepting bids on how much yer gonna pay me in blackmail monies so the notebook doesn't end up in a certain wifes hands! mwahahahahaaaaaaa)


Unknown said...

Now, now.... just settle down! I've been a TOTAL angel this weekend!! REALLY!! Well... I could have been worse I guess... OK!! So maybe I couldn't have but it HAS been fun AND relaxing!!!!

Now, the reason I stopped in here is that I felt a disturbance in the Country music force and my keen senses (KEEN!!) brought me HERE!! I'm aware (on a molecular level!) of your aversion to good, ROCKIN' Country music! But alas, I will NOT stop putting on my space and you can't stop me, so There!! THBBFFT!!!! But I DO love your long rambling comments... kinda like this one!

So sit back, watch some football and relax while I scratch my head whilst coming up with my next evil Country song, presented just for YOU!! BWAHAHAAAA!!!!!

Love Ya Sweetie!!!!

Unknown said...

Thinking Hank Williams Jr!! That should fix your wagon!! HAH!!

Sue said...

hahaha, the exchange between you and Bob is just pure GOLD, I tellya, Gooollldd! :-D

I have been lazy this weekend. Shame on me.

Unknown said...

OOOOH!! I thought I sensed someone sneaking into my 'Double-Wide' LOL!! Give the dang things back or I'll..... Oh wait? Supertramp?? Hmmmm.... I can do that!! Just for YOU!!! Putting them up NOW!! But then it's back to COUNTRY!!! You Hussy!!! LOL!!

Unknown said...

THERE!! Pffft!!!! LOL

Unknown said...

OH! And this song is especially for YOU!! HAH!!!!


Unknown said...

HMMM!!!!! I suppose you missed the Supertramp song I put up JUST FOR YOU!!!!! But I left a VERY spacial one, and again.. JUST FOR YOU!!!

Enjoy and give me that box back!! LOL

Haphazardkat said...

*Snort!* Ok Ok, Bob-a-roo I went back to your blog and what did I find? COUNTRY!!! aaaaaaargh!
*mutters* I've been suckered!! :P