Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tueeeeeeesday Tuesdayyyyy

I know. I know. Two blogs in a row--

*picks you up off the floor and dusts you off*

Sheesh. Ya'all are so dramatic! :P

Things are slowing down at work so I finally have a little spare time.

It's been crazy busy with all the fallout from the hurricanes that devastated Texas!

I haven't had time to take Chanda out to capture anymore pictures. I plan on devoting some time this weekend to that endeavor if the clouds hold back their rain party plans.

Saturday evening, Lord V and I are attending our first Dinner Club party. We joined a dinner club group with some of our friends--which is freakin' me out a bit as I have to be responsible for creating gourmet meals! EEK!

My part of this upcoming dinner is to bake an apple strudel. The dinners are themed based and Saturdays dinner is "German". The strudel recipe doesn't seem too complicated *sweat sweat* so I think I'll do OK. (I hope)...

Last Saturday during our girls night at my house? I baked a ready made pizza--which was baked to perfection, thank-you-very-much...and after pulling the pizza out of the oven, I put some cinnamon bread sticks in to bake for dessert.

Great idea, right?


I put them in the oven, then sat down to watch Sex In The City. I got so engrossed in the movie I completely forgot I had put the cinnamon bread in the oven...

After the movie, I got up and started to clean the dinner remains from the kitchen counter when I noticed the cream cheese frosting still sitting out.

Hmm. Look at that. Cream cheese frosting...why is that out?

*blond moment quizzical tilt of head*

OMG! The bread sticks!!!

I ran to the oven and peered inside.


There they were.

Completely burnt to a crisp in a christmas wreath shape.

*thunks head on counter*

We ran around flinging open windows for fear that the smoke would set off the fire alarm.

I so wasn't going to explain that to the fire people!!


The final nail on my humiliation coffin?

The lady who had invited me to join their prestigious gourmet dinner club?

Was one of my friends, watching the movie with me.



Jade said...

I am always doing that!
What is that noise? OH! dinner!
What is that smell? Akk-burning!!
The lady was there?! Roflmao!


Laoch of Chicago said...

Ugh. You are now dangerous at any speed. Hahahaha. I have done similarly over the years. Tomorrow is another baking day.

Haphazardkat said...

Jade: Good to know I'm not alone!!! and YES--gawd the lady in charge of the dinners and the one who invited me. Yeah. Only me. Only freakin' me...

Laochie: Apparently so. Lord V has taken to grabbing the "OH SHI~zzle" Bar in my car, permanently...

Slick said...

Even the best of us have those "blonde moments" Kat....

Some more than others....

Not naming any names, Kat.

Ok, Kat?


Haphazardkat said...

Slickness: ARGH!!

R U Serious?? said...

The Top Ten Reasons Why Bob Is NOT Going To Italy!

1. I don't really like traveling, except from my computer to the fridge.

2. My poor feet would not hold up to all of the walking.

3. Italy is NOT my 'dream' country

4. We can barely afford for the wife to go.

5. This is my wife's third trip and she's still trying to get pinched.. Doesn't want me to witnees it..... Like THAT will happen!

6. Trying to convert Euros!! ACK!!

7. In Pisa, I just know that the tower would fall on me.

8. Too much wine, not enough beer.

9. No pineapple on their Pizzas

And the main reason??

10. Having to sit on a plane for 24 hour hours, both ways, between a 450lb ex-Monk and a 15 year-old with ADD who asks a question and then doesn't reply, And when I do get replies, all I get is 'Why? Why? Why? Why?!!' And that's the MONK!!

Nope!! I'll be here!!! That answer your question?? LOL!!

Cindy said...

Aww, like Slick said we all have those moments...I've had so many I don't even try to bake any more.

Aafrica said...

lol! is she filling a report card for you on behave of the club?

Haphazardkat said...

Bob-a-roo: You get an A on your assignment!! ha ha ha :D I totally "get" the not being able to walk around Italy. That sucks.
And I also "get" not wanting to be trapped in an airplane that long too.

Cindy: Oh I'm not giving up. I have strudel to make for Saturday and its gonna be the best damn strudel EVAH (I know cuz I've made virgin sacrifices to the baking gods and they owe me. OWE me!!!)

Aafrica: YES!! She doesnt believe I can cook!!!!