Thursday, January 01, 2009

Soaring into the New Year!

There were three Eagles flying and screeching outside our house this morning.

I grabbed up Chanda and slunk into the wind driven rain to try and capture a picture of them.

This is a close as I got to them. I was out as long as possible but Chanda and I were getting soaked so I had to race back inside.

Happy New Year!


Cindy said...

Beautiful, Hopeful.

The Darker Side said...

Wonderful WONDERFUL!!!!
Absolutely AWESOME!


Laoch of Chicago said...

wow, neat!

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: I agree! :) Happy New Year, my friend!

Dragonlady: I find it amazing that my family members are 3...and there were 3 eagles. Mayhaps its the indian in me--but I choose to look upon it as a good sign for our new year :) *scritchies* :D

Laochie: Truly. If I hadn't captured it digitally--I might have thought I dreamt it! :)