Saturday, August 01, 2009

Gabby Making Baby Noises

When she's not Gabbing, she loves to make little baby noises.


Cindy said...

Hi Kat,
Thanks for your kind comments....He's doing alright and you can bet he's going to the Doc's this morning, for 2reasons.... 1. He woke up in a world of pain this morning and 2. I won't leave him alone about it.
I can't play the video of Abby but I'm sure it's adorable.
(((hugs))) I hope the cooler weather we are having today reaches you too.

Aafrica said...

oh she is sooooo cute!!!

The Darker Side said...

Those were PRICELESS.... I had to listen TWICE... might come back for more! They were just soooo sweet!

jade said...

I had to crank my speakers & sit with my ear right at it -my apt is so noisy!
That was SO darling....
Myst says she wants that mousie!

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: I'm very glad your Rick is OK!! Scary stuff, girl!

Aafrica: She makes me girl squeal! Too dang cute :)

Dragonlady: my iPhone cut off the video of her right when she started talking!! I guess it was too long for it to compress and then send to YouTube. Grrr...She is very very sweet :D

Jadeykins: Myst must have mouse!!