Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Time's Last Call

One more week of Summer Vacation for us and then it's back to school.

We have one more 4 day trip planned with family and then Summer will officially be over.

MiniWarrior starts Middle School September 2nd. (What's up with that, anyways?!) Summer vacation was always over after Labor day!

New beginnings for us all. I worry a bit about MiniWarrior heading into the big kids arena but I think he'll be OK.

He's such a strong, independent social bug. Something which defies the very definition of Autism.

He's clever and I think if I keep working with him on the nuances of relationships and conversation he'll survive the Junior High years as well as most kids do.

Junior High. My body shudders in rememberance of those years.

Wish us well, Peeps.

We're gonna need it.


Cindy said...

Middle school is grade 7 to 9 right?
They grow up so fast!
This coming June (Only 10 short month away) Tessa will be graduating.......I think I just felt 42 grey hairs pop out.....OIY!!!!!
And so on!!!!!
There goes another 42!.....I'm going to go sit in the corner now.

Aafrica said...

is he taller than you yet?

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: 6th-8th!! and I'm right behind you with the grey hair growth!!! *poink...poink...poink*

Aafrica: he's 1 1/2 inches shorter. and he's taller then his stepmom now! heheheeh