Monday, August 24, 2009

Wear Clean Underwear and Use Your Manners!

Remember the advice your Mom gave you?

Wear clean underwear--'cuz if you're ever in an accident you don't want to go to the hospital in dirty underwear?

Now I follow that advice even though I've never understood that whole "accident/hospital/clean undies bit. Maybe it's just me? But at an age where a vigerous sneeze threatens the pristiness of my unmentionables, I'm pretty sure that if I'm in an accident? I'm not laying on the emergency table unsoiled.

You know what I'm sayin?

Now the "use your manners" Mom advice I've always strived to follow and I've worked religiously to instill that particular Motherly advice thing in my own son because it's important. I mean, let's face it...nobody likes a rude person, right?

Which brings me to reason for my rambling blog post.

Friday, I went to visit my knee doctor. He had been on Sabbatical in Italy the past year learning new doctor thingies which is cool, 'cuz I'm the first to admit that I'm an enigma and most docs that deal with me? Scratch their head and mutter things under their breath and then send me on my way.

I was sitting beside him in his office when my Doc pulled up my medical records to refresh himself as to where we were in my medical diagnosis. The first few lines at the start of the record caught my eye, "Patient is a pleasant white female who has a refreshing out look on life..."


I had no idea they put personality details in ones medical record!

I mean heck, you'd think they'd warn a person like our school counselors used to beat us over the head with in school. "Behave! Or your actions are going on your permanent record!"

What if I had been rude to my Doc? Would my record then say, "Rude, white female with a sour disposition who should be admitted to the nearest psychiatric hospital for daily shock treatments?"

That's some scary shizzle, Peeps. Scary shizzle.

I'm just sayin'...

So listen to your Mothers, Peeps. 'Cuz apparently? They know what they're talkin' about.

some times...

most times...

well whatever, just do it!


Peaceful said...

LOL @ what would happen in the ER. I had my hand crushed & all I cared about was getting to the bathroom after I lay down for awhile so's not to pass out :D
As far as personality stuff in records=you bet! Even at the dog groomers/vets/hairdresser-whatever!
I was a dog groomer & we would put a little * for a-hole-not about the dog but the owner!
My sister has been extremely pre-judged by things like that in her doctor records.

Aafrica said...

lol! you are a model patient.

R U Serious?? said...

Wait!! Underwear?? What do you speak of??? lol!

Glad you liked that columnist and that he cracked you up!! Part 2 was posted today.

Hope you have a Super week and PLEASE!! No accidents unless you are properly attired!! hahaha!!

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: Really? You did? hmm...*frantically runs through my mind all the people I've dealt with lately*....YIKES! :)

Aafrica: I am!! :D

Bob-a-roo: ACK! No commando! That columnist is great, btw. I've been enjoying your posts of his!!

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