Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facebook Cult has kidnapped me!

I realized this week that I hadn't been to my blogger home in a couple of weeks!

Why you ask?

One word.


Yes. *hangs head* I have joined the cult that is Facebook.

I resisted because really--why would I join all the lemmings that have flung themselves off the blog cliff into Facebook land?

I was snobby. I turned my nose at Facebook lemmings heartily refusing to even think about joining.

Then. It happened.

My brother was notified by gradeschool classmates of mine who were seeking me out.

Then, college friends hounded me with their offers of "join facebook and see how we all look like now!" requests.

And? Really. The allure to see what everyone looks like after 30 years was too tempting to resist.

So. I joined.

"Just to see the pictures and then I'd delete my account" I assured myself.

Then I got game requests from friends whom I had added so I could see their pictures.

I clicked on one game. An amusing little game called FARMVILLE.

You can plant and grow your crops...buy or receive animals from other farming friends, buy houses...

Suddenly I found myself logging in compulsively to see how my crops were growing. Or if someone had found a stray animal on their farm that I could adopt for my farm.

Then...the fish tank game invites came and I thought...well...I'll join that game and feed my fish while waiting for my crops to grow...


3 fish tanks, a Kats Chow Cafe, a farm, a Zoo a pet at petville that is like a virtual Hello kitty who's house you can decorate...and another pet app where I feed and care for 4 cats...oh and Vampire wars and some sort of Harry Potter Wizard war game later and....

Facebook now owns my soul.


What little time I do have left is spent working and planning mega Christmas parties.

One which is tonight at our home. It's Christmas Ship party time!!

And tomorrow is our work Christmas party which I've been working along side my boss in helping arrange and organize as well as zooming out and gathering swell door prizes. YAY!

I've been trying to take it easy as I'm still getting over the pneumonia plague but really people, I ain't got time to lay around!

Speaking of...*peers at my watch* I gotta run. My fish on Fishville need feeding or they'll go belly up.

Oh sure. Mock me! But I'm tellin' you, I've invested time and click energy feeding those bastards so I can harvest them for experience points and gold...so I can buy more fish which I can feed and clean up after so I can harvest them for experience points and gold which then I can buy more fish so I can...

Oh god.

Someone. Help me!

and by help? I mean join Facebook so you can be my neighbor so I can expand my farm so I can grow more crops and get more experience points and...





Cindy said...

Oh I'm not going to help you.....friend me! Please! I love my farm! you now my last name right?

Peaceful said...

ya...Ive been on the farm long enough where I am bored with it- so I started playing an RPG. Castle Age or somethin.Farmtown you can actually visit with your friends & chat- I like that one :)
You know my last name & can look me up - you know, the castle.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Having a Christmas party is always fun.

R U Serious?? said...

Facebook?? I have enough problems keeping up with my space, emails and helping folks solve their computer problems. And mine! But you have fun!!

I read that there is a Betty Ford clinic just for Facebook. hahaha!

Take care kitty Kat!!

Aafrica said...

lol! that facebook thing can really take a whole chunk of your life away. have a great Christmas party .... it's for reals right? i mean ... not a virtual party somewhere online that you are hosting?

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: Consider it DONE!! *grin*

Jadeykins: My friends play Castle Age and always send me requests...I guess I'd better check it out!! I shall add you to my farmville and make you come back to it! :D

Laochie: It 'tis!!

Bob-a-roo: LOL @ Betty Ford clinic for Facebook!!!

Aafrica: yesssss it was a real Christmas party and LOL @ you having to ask that!!! I spend half my life in virtual land so it is a valid question but dang funny! And the party was awesome :D

jadey said...

Phooey I dont think I like this at all--- Now I never hear from you or see you Blah!

Haphazardkat said...

Jadeykins: Nah--girl, I'm still around!! :D I've been slammed with Christmas party (both personal and work) planning and still fighting the pneumonia symptoms. I'll be back to blogging more :) *hugsss*

ColleenQ said...

Just stay away from that Mafia game!