Monday, December 28, 2009


I bought this inflatable Santa display for our Christmas party.

He is awesome!

The only thing?

He's supposed to be motion activated meaning when you walk by him he is supposed to start waving and spew out Santa phrases at you.

I set him up and walked by him...


I waved my hand in front of his face...


I jumped up and down waving my arms, wildly...

still nothing.

So out of frustration I socked him right in his fat Santa belly...

He immediately said, "I've checked my naughty list this year, and everyone was good!"

I about keeled over laughing then proceeded to punch him again and again...

and again...

He was a smash hit at our party. (pun intended)

Every time I walked by the living room I saw someone standing in front of him giving him a hearty belly punch while laughing manically.

Best year end therapy...ever.

Good times, my Peeps.

Good times.


Peaceful said...

Omg your parties sound SO fun :D