Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Grandness and Exhaustion

How was every ones Christmas?

Lord V, MiniWarrior and I had a very nice, very sweet, very busy Christmas!

We finished off our Christmas holiday last night at a friends house which was filled with all of our family of friends.

We stayed up way too late eating Christmas leftovers and playing games--It was a great way to end the month long festivities!

We played a game called Apples? Then our group split where one group played Mexican Train (a domino game) while I and my friend and her daughter played the new board game "New Moon" that they had gotten as a Christmas present.

It was a bit confusing with the multiple strange rules and the fact that on half of the challenges you had to have seen the movie (which I haven't--yet--due to my stupid bout of Swine flu and Pneumonia--*shakes a fist at Murphy*)...but it was fun.

My girlfriend and I were total Cougars as we ooh'd and aw'd over the pictures on the playing cards of Jake and Edward--wrongness--I know...!!!! hehehehe

Best part of the night was when I miss read a challenge card to my friend while she was taking a sip of her Gin drink--causing her to choke and project the drink out of both nostrils like a flame shooting dragon!

Middle aged women with weak bladders should not be allowed to witness such things...

I'm just sayin'...

So yeah. Good times, as always.

I love our friends so very much and always have such a great time whenever we can get together.

Christmas Hello Kitty Loot this year?

Hello Kitty Panini maker
Hello Kitty Makeup mirror
Hello Kitty towel set
Hello Kitty Toothbrush holder
Hello Kitty dancing dolls
Hello Kitty tablecloth and (paper) dishes
Hello Kitty stickers
Hello Kitty notebook

I was spoiled with many beautiful gifts this year (XOXOXO to Lord V, MiniWarrior, family and friends).

Favorite present this year?

A new lens for Chanda!!!

It has a 15-85 lens with standard,wide angle AND Macro functions.

The first picture I took with it was in a half lit room with sunlight piercing through a window behind the people in the shot.

When I viewed the shot on the camera screen lets just say I needed a private room and a post privacy cigarette...


The lens illuminated the people I was focusing on and muted the harsher spears of light behind them. No shadows, no false yellow from poor light...nothing but crisp clarity.


I cannot wait to take it out and see what it can all do!!

Thank you, my Lord V and--so you don't mock me for mooning over every gift other then the jewelry you bought me...

I love them. Very very much and cannot wait to wear them.

Especially while out taking fabulous pics with Chanda's new lens!!

Hehehehe :D


Cindy said...

Oh it all sounds WONDERFUL!
I'm so glad you had a Happy Christmas.

Peaceful said...

The photo sounds perfect.
I know you are going to blow the experts away with your photos.
Sounds like a great time was had by all!
Now just to make sure, the card never arrived-not a problem if it wasnt sent just hoping it didnt get lost.please dont freak if it was forgotten in the confusion.The thought was important.

Laoch of Chicago said...

This sounds quite nice.

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: We did, thank you :) I was happy to see yours and Tessa's went well also! :D

Jadeykins: I never got around to printing out any pictures for my friends!! I printed 40 out for Lord V's relatives and friends that he sent out in mass mailings and then ran out of magenta and yellow ink on my printer. grrrr...I have the ink now (a little late)...but I shall email you the pic and send you a card because it rocks to get snail mail! :)

Laochie: it really was. Having spent a childhood filled with dysfunctional holidays--I treasure each and every holiday I spend now in my adult years: peace filled and full of love. Karma has been kind to me.

Aafrica said...

happy shooting!