Friday, June 19, 2009


I found myself at the Humane Society website today.

I just had to see the sweet face of a cat.

I miss Guido so much. The emptiness in our house is palpable.

I miss his chatter. I miss his purr. I miss. Him.

There was one cat who's picture caught my eye.

She is a red tabby. Orange and cream colored.

The description of her was what made me pause:

"Abbey is a real talker! She makes cute chirping noises when you pet her and loves to tell you how she is feeling...."

That was my Guido. He chattered to me all the time. I knew I had to go see Abby.

Lord V, MiniWarrior and I zoomed to the animal shelter. We left at 5 but the adoptions closed at 5:30. We got there a few minutes too late but were able to go see Abby.

We walked into a room full of cats in cages. One voice rang out as soon as we entered.

A soft chatter.

It was Abby.

I opened her cage and lifted her into my arms.

She curled into my arms like she belonged there and began purring loudly.

I held her and pressed my face into her warm fur, drinking in the sounds of her.

Lord V took her for a bit and she curled into his arms like she already belonged to us.

MiniWarrior held her and turned her up to hold her like a baby. She tolerated it and purred for him.

I kept telling Abby I'd be back for her when I put her back in her cage. She kept trying to go back into my arms.

They would not let us adopt her because adoption time ended at 5:30pm...but tomorrow they open at Noon and we will be there (hopefully) to take Abby home.


Pop and Ice said...

Oh, she's such a sweetie! I have to keep myself away from the adoption sites because then I just want to adopt more cats and we have enough expenses with the two we have.

I hope you have a successful adoption tomorrow and bring your new family member home!

Cindy said...

Awww! She is your!
Take lots pics when you get her home.

Laoch of Chicago said...

What a sweetheart!!!

Aafrica said...

she is a beautiful cat =^.^=

Jade said...

sits down to wait for the new family member...
it is so much like what happened to owen... coming back with collar gone a couple times & then gone. Abby looks like such a dear friend. You & Laoch had the right idea... I will try to remember this next time.

deadites said...

That is so cute.. So sorry for your loss though, but Abby looks like she will bring you lots of joy and comfort!

R U Serious?? said...

Quit making me cry!! She is a cutie!! Dammit woman!! She looks perfect for youm Lord V and MiniWarrior!!!

Abby looks PERFECT for you!! I'm soo glad you found her and rescued her!!!! I'm happy now but I'll miss beloved Guido...!