Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gabby Abbys New Toys

"Hi. My name is Gabby Abby. I have a new family who loves me very much."

"They bought me a new yellow collar and some new toys today!"

"A crinkle bag thats a little scary..."

"And a toy mouse that squeaks as it bounces up and down on a string"

"Lord V got me a remote mouse and I've been chasing it all over the house."

"This makes my new Mommy and Daddy laugh which makes me very happy"


Laoch of Chicago said...

Frisky feline!

Cindy said...

She seems to be such a joy, I'm happy for you all.

Pop and Ice said...

Gabby is so photogenic! I love her looking through the crinkle bag; she does look perplexed! She is so lucky to have a new family.

jade said...

Gabby Abby the Orange Tabby!
She likes her picture taken!
I will remember this life lesson about what to do after such a loss-you did the right thing.

The Darker Side said...

What a wonderful baby!