Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two Claws UP!

Friday afternoon, Lord V, MiniWarrior and I went to go see the movie "UP".

I wasn't really in the right mind frame to go see a kids movie as I was/am still grieving over losing our Guido, but I thought it would be good for MiniWarrior to be out of the house and to have something that would make him laugh.

Lord V and I were blown away with how wonderful this movie was. Without giving you too many details (as I don't want to ruin the movie if you haven't see it yet) I will say that the message in this movie is powerful, heart rending and uplifting all wrapped up in a huge bubble of animation brilliance.

It was because of this movie that I finalized my decision to get another kitty.

I urge you to go see it.

You'll understand what I mean when you do.

Oh...and before I forget. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all of you men out there who created or help raise a child in your life.

There is something so deep and precious about a mans hand on a child's life. I hope you all never underestimate how much you are valued.


Cindy said...

I saw UP! last night too, I get what you mean about it... really enjoyed it.
And yes camp coffee beats the heck outta Starbuck's..... :)

Pop and Ice said...

I haven't seen UP, I rarely make it out to movies, but I'm glad it solidified your decision to get Gabby Abby! Good decision all around!

Aafrica said...

i saw it too! it was the best movie, not just animations, but movies, i've seen in a long time.

come to think of it, it sort of shoveled me toward a decision i had to make too.