Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy Ending

I had an interesting event happen yesterday to me at work.

Awhile back, I'm thinking over a month ago--I can't remember exactly, I found a wallet on my lunch walk.

It was pretty beat up and, from what I could see in my quick peek at it for identification, filled with money and strange odds and ends.

I could only imagine the horror at losing my wallet. It's more then money lost...its the deeply personal things we put in it that cannot be replaced.

As there was no identification, I brought it to the guards at my work. They had me put my name down on a piece of paper so they could put who dropped it off in their reports and that was that.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday the building manager came to me with my Boss and presented to me an award along with the saga of the wallet.

Apparently they had quite a bit of trouble trying to locate the owner. There was no identification in the wallet. There was, however, a receipt for a bank.

They contacted the bank and had the teller put a note on the persons account directing them to the guards at our building and that they had the wallet.

A month passed with no contact...then one day, a man approached the guards.

He was dirty and appeared to be carrying his belongings in a bag attached to his shoulder. He was mentally and physically challenged. He cautiously approached the guards and inquired about his wallet.

When they presented it to him, complete with the 120.00 dollars that he had in it, he began to cry and jumped up and down frantically hugging the guards.

The building manager told me that they all had tears in their eyes, witnessing the joy of this man.

The award was nice and the kudos that have come my way, frankly, quite embarrassing as I think--truly--that I did nothing more then others would have done...but the ending? To hear about the joy? God. That made me feel wonderful.

MiniWarrior is always losing things. He rolls his eyes at me when I tell him to tuck his money back into his wallet or pocket. He has concentration issues and loses track of things very quickly if he doesn't tuck them safely away. I fret about it and when I cannot be there to keep him from losing important things later in his adult life.

I'm hoping I just bought him a little good karma :) That someone, someday, somewhere, will take the time to turn in something he's lost and they can share the joy with him.



Laoch of Chicago said...

: )

KyleD said...

You're a good person, Kat, and it makes my day seeing you get some recognition for it!

Cindy said...

This made me smile, :)
And yes I have 2 cats, Bella and Cleo, They are Himylainsand royally miffed with me. There are pics of them on my site.

R U Serious?? said...

That was such a touching story but honestly, I wouldn't expect anything less from you!! You are 'The Woman!!'.

I have this homeless 'friend' and I give him money regularly. He's an old Korean War vet but my wife is afraid of him (???). So when she's away I have him come over, let him take a hot shower and give him some food that he can take with him.

You were that man's angel!!!

The Darker Side said...

This gave me a very warm fuzzy! What a wonderful lady you are - and what a wonderful reward it is to know your act of kindness and honesty brought joy to someone!
you are a truly great lady!

Aafrica said...

what goes around comes around. you will have happy endings happening to you too.