Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Red Nosed Angel

She doesn't give us a choice.

She skips over to where you are sitting and pushes her little body onto any available part of you that she can lay on.

Her purr is so loud it vibrates through your insides.

It reaches into those sharp hollow places Guido left behind and like a Mothers soft hand when you are sick, it soothes you. Comforts you. Heals you.

Last night I logged on to WoW to play for a bit when Abby jumped onto the chair, where I was resting my leg, and curled into the spot that once was Guido's.

She pressed her head against me as if to say, "It's OK now. I'm here." And prompty curled up and went to sleep.

My Guido can never be replaced but this little Angel in red striped cat skin is solace to the soul.


Jade said...

This really is too amazing.
She was sent to you for sure.

Pop and Ice said...

Abby is certainly a sweetie and I'm glad she is fitting in so well!

Our little Loki is like that as well. Except not with me - just with my hubby. If he's really desperate, he'll consider me for all of 10 seconds and then suffer to sleep at the end of the bed.

georgia b. said...

i'm uber jealous!
i want a kitty or a puppy so much.

she is really really pretty. seriously.

Laoch of Chicago said...

What an excellent family member!

Cindy said...

She is so sweet! then again I love ginger cats, I haven't met one yet that wasn't loving and even tempered. I am happy you found each other.
I am not going to blog on Spaces anymore I will be at http://cindysbubble.blogspot.com/ from now on I would love a visit from you over there.

ColleenQ said...

One word suffices: awwwwwww!