Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gabby Abby

I took Gabby Abby to the Vet for her post adoption checkup.

She's been sneezing a bit which I think is from a touch of kennel cough from her being at the Humane Society with other animals.

The Vet checked her over and thinks that she might be much younger then the HS noted on her chart.

We had been told she was 1 1/2 years old. The vet seems to think she is about 8-9months old! (This would explain why she is still so tiny)

The good news is her kennel cough isn't real bad.
The bad news is she has a broken tooth and it needs to be extracted.

One of her back molars is decaying :(

We will be scheduling her to have tooth surgery in a couple of weeks--after she's done taking antibiotics for her kennel cough.

The antibiotics is in liquid form. We have to shove a eyedropper and a half full of the stuff down her tiny gullet once a day.

She was great the first time I gave it to her. The second time she wasn't having anything to do with it and protested mightily!

I wrapped her up in a towel and handed her to Lord V to hold while I attempted to get the medicine in her mouth. She wriggled and struggled to get out of the towel hold, swishing her head from side to side to avoid the medicine dropper--but we managed to get it down her right before she freed her back feet and dug her claws into Lord V's inner thigh!

I don't know who bellowed louder, him or her!!


Good times.

Good times.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Thre niceness of the new feline! I have given liquid medicine to cats before. Often in the long run it was easier than getting them to take the pills although it takes a while to get the technique down.

Pop and Ice said...

I didn't know cats could get kennel cough! The poor shelter kitties usually have stuff wrong with them that require multiple vet visits, but we love them anyway.

Peaceful said...

Oh Dear!

very strange to have teeth probs, poor baby! I am glad it was claws & not teeth that got into him, wont be quite as bad an infection.
ya, I thought she was still a baby.

The Darker Side said...

So... I'm makin up fer lost time and a-visitin!
SO - abby has toofie probs... poor lil thang.... As for her size, interestingly - these last 3 we've adopted did not reach their full growth till they were spayed.
Is she?
Out-on-parole Dragon!

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: She sulked half the night!! But forgave me by the morning and greeted me with a purr and a leg rub.

Pop n Ice: Yeah--I thought it was a dog thing too! She's totally worth the extra vet stuff :)

Jadey: Vet says the rest of her teeth look great :) Hopefully this will be a one time tooth extraction!

Dragonlady: yeah, she's spayed...but I've noticed her putting on weight these last couple of days. It might be that she hadn't been feeling well for awhile before we got her and put her on meds!

R U Serious?? said...

Such a cute Kitty!! My Buzz had every ailment possible when we got him but he got over it quickly. Well... the spine replacement took a while longer but he was worth the cost. Just a little Hitch ih his Giddyup!!

Today was Bonnie's 4th Birthday!! Doggie ice cream all around!! They love it but it tasted funny to me!! LOL!! Have a Great week!!!