Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Humpday Chat

It's Humpday, Peeps and you know what that's my Friday! WHOO!

I've been out visiting all your blogs and thought I'd run you through a quick blog summary cuz its Summer, Baby and we've Sunshine needs to attend to!

Aafrica has been busy discovering wonderful places to eat in New Orleans and running marathons. She apparently ran into a hardy nemesis in the form of a Coconut but she took care of that bad boy with the aid of the entire contents of her trusty tool belt.
Yer our hero. *pumps a victorious fist*

Bob (bob-a-roo)is currently traumatized by the garbage demon which (apparently) has been mysteriously multiplying in the shadows of his garage. I know that demon...its brother lives in my garage...

Catwoman is still busy growing her tiny little guy in her belly while amusing us with posts of things her bigger little man says and does. "Open Donkey!" hehehe. Kid kills me. Kills. Me.

Cindy and her amazingly talented daughter, Tessa are spending their Summer tending to the children of the corn kids who get dropped off at their house and dreaming of the time she can see her god Rick Springfield in person. *whispers* we might have to host a blog intervention for her cuz her Rick needs have gone nuclear...

Cuteoverload continues to make me make squeaky girlie noises with their posts of cuteness like THIS:

Thanks to them I'm gonna be the one needing an intervention...mmm hmm...STAT!

Dragonlady (Beth)continues to amaze me with her huge brave heart that she opens up to nurture the lost and the needy. She has the heart of the Dragons she adores.

FlipFlop has devised a clever way to scare off mad chomping bunnies from her garden goodness...we bow to her genius.

CQ (Indigo) amuses me with her travel tales although she is sporadic in her posting *quirks an eyebrow in her direction*. I often visit her blog just to hear what new music she puts up cuz ..."can't stop now, can't let you go...DON'T GOoooo!" *boogies*

Jadey lives in a place that has a magic hallway that mysteriously leaves presents for her...I'm thinkin its the pathway to Narnia...*dons my cloak and unsheathes my dagger* If you don't hear from me...I've gone adventuring with her...

Laoch (laochie) has been filling his Summer with fabulous visits to New York, Race Tracks and eating establishments that offer "epic dinners". Yeah I know. I asked him what an epic dinner consisted of. His answer? "No Vegetables!" ha ha ha ha ha. Right on! Set a plate out, Laochie, I'm headin' over!

Mei Lian is busy luring her intended to the "paint my barn" and "how many bride magazines do I need to put on my coffee table before you get the hint to finally put the ring on my finger" darkside. I have faith in her success. The force is strong with this one.

Mikey continues to amuse me with his hilarious Amish Gas posts and not-so-subtle pokes at his work rival "Apple". I don't care what you say Micro-man--I'm luvin' my iPhone! *clutches it to my bosom and pokes a tongue in his direction*

Postsecret continues to prove to me that there are indeed people freakier than I.

Seriously people. ABBA?? *shakes my head*

Slicksumbich (Slickness)house is the host of the mysterious sock stealing fairies. I will soon become a millionaire when I sell this discovery to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. Crap! Knowing him that sumbich will be selling that secret out from underneath me. *shakes a gloved fist in his direction* (always good to practice safe fist shaking around Slick...)

The Daily Coyote Peeps. I love this blog. I pounce upon it as soon as my morning eyeballs can semi focus. She and her pet coyote, border collie and cat are awesomeness wrapped in a bow. She's just finished her book and it's off at the publishers! I can't wait to read it! *sing song voice*

Mrs. X She called a place to have a bouquet of ...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...choco...HA HA HA HA HA...dipped....BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa....oh sweet jesus...just go visit her and... ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha haaaaa!!! *wheeze* HA HA HA HA HA!!!! *falls down*


Cindy said...

Very funny and informitive :)
An Intervention indeed!!! I don't need an intervention >>>>>*Typed with eyes glue to "Nick Knight" DVD*
6 days and counting until the the New CD is here....WOOOT WOOOT!

Have a wonderful weekend

R U Serious?? said...

Never, EVER post something that funny when I'm trying to eat tacos!! LOL!! Then I made the mistake of going to Mrs X's site!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! It really shouldn't take 30 minutes to eat ONE taco, but when you're rolling on the floor????

Darn you... and Mrs X!!

Peaceful said...

Awwww! that kitten!!!!
and I love Post Secret...
it is so touching..
Thanks for the updates!

Cindy said...

I just wanted you to know that I have talked it over with my brother and sister And we are SO making one of those bouquets from Mrs.X post for are Mother's birthday......HAHAHAHAHA! although my brother said he would help pay for the supplies, but we are not allowed in anyway shape or form *snicker* to let our Mother know he had anything to do with it....hehehehe! And if it doesn't workout like we hope we will just go to a bakery Downtown and have a cake made....*snicker*

Aafrica said...

thanks for the summ-up Kat! you don't need an intervention. no no. we need all the overloaded cuteness =^.^= keep up the good work.

Slick said...

LOL>...always good to practice anything safely around me ;)

You're pretty much spot on about the damn sock fairy

Flip Flop Momma said...

Right On!

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: intervention? What intervention? *slides the straight jacket behind my back* we're just going to invite you to coffee...yeah...thats!
How many days now? :>

Bob-a-roo: Sorry for the Taco chokage! hehehe Mrs X is a hoot, isnt she?!!

Jadey: I love Postsecret too. So many windows into other peoples minds :)

Cindy: HA HA HA HA! oh man....take pics!!!

Aafrica: *clutches my cuteroverload pics to my bosom* thank you.....thank you....

Slickness: hehehehe :D

FlipFlop: Werd.

Cindy said...

3 more days :> LOL!
And Yes I will take pics.