Thursday, July 03, 2008

Morning Beauty

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Cindy said...

HELLS YEAH! he is not only HOT! HE is SMOKIN HOT!
(believe it or not he will be 59 in August)
And his music makes happy....The fact he is eye candy is just a bonus.....*goes back to site to drool...*

Great pics again, I love the shots you get.

Cindy said...

ooops! the word "me" was before the word "happy." I swear it was before I hit publish.....SHEEESH!

Haphazardkat said...

He's 59?? He so doesn't look like he is! unless those are old pics on his site?

Cindy said...

No they are recant pics....if you look closely at the back ground of my site you see a shirtless man...that is a pic of him taken last month...*grin*
I saw him in concert in july of 06,and when he came out in to the crowd I was less then 10 feet from him...(couldn't get any closer *grrrr*) anyway up close you can see the laugh lines and wrinklles...but that just makes him look rugged and not so much the pretty boy he was....I find him better looking now....OOOOOPS! I better stop now or I never will...LOL!

Peaceful said...

Cute Bunny!!
your phone takes great pics :D

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: Dang! He looks pretty darn good for that age!!
*fans you* :P

Jadey: It really does but its little eye is starting to get scratched :(