Friday, July 18, 2008

Jason, the Frog

For almost a year now, MiniWarrior has been consumed with the need for frog ownership.

He's talked of nothing else.

Introducing...Jason, the Frog!

MiniWarrior is beside himself with happiness.


Peaceful said...

I was the "frog lady' as a kid-
my dad still talks about how I raised mealworms to feed my salamanders & frogs.
But I could let mine go later-

Cindy said...

Aww, well welcome to Jason!
I'm glad MN is happy with his new friend.

Slick said...

Cats and frogs get along???

Well, I can see the gleam in the boy's eye! :)

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: raised worms??!! *shudder* I'm not gonna have to do that, am I? ...AM I??!! *clutches my hair and tugs*

Cindy: He is so excited and I'm all stressed now caring for his frog before he returns to my house on Wednesday! LOL

Slick: We get along as long as there is 1 inch glass between us :>

Aafrica said...

what do you feed the frog? are they vegetarians?