Tuesday, July 15, 2008


MiniWarrior jumped off the monkey bars at day camp yesterday and broke 3 bones in his foot.

He will be in a cast for the duration of his Summer.

I am beyond bummed for him.

Positive note? The frog that he's been dreaming of getting for months now? We are getting him.

Shh. He doesn't know it yet. It's a surprise.

Something to cheer my little crippled guy up with.



Cindy said...

Aww Poor little guy! And he just learned to ride his bike too....
I feel for him! And you too...Tessa did the same thing 3 days into Spring break when she was in grade 2 it was "Fun" to say the least!...LOL!!
Take care and draw a Canadian flag on his cast and tell him that it's from Tessa and I, Okay?
(((Hugs))) to you both

Laoch of Chicago said...

Ugh! I hope he heals well. Thank god for tv!

The Darker Side said...

OH what a BUMMER!!!!!! Summer vacation and unable to romp!
I hope he heals quickly!!!!! Kids often do - they have such a wonderful outlook on life!

Aafrica said...

oh no! it must hurt bad. he'll be in crutches? he'll have the attention of all the kids at the camp. best wishes to MiniWarrior.

Catwoman said...

Oh no! When he just learned to ride his bike!!! :(

Cindy said...

Hi Kat,
How is MW doing today?....poor little guy :(
Yes it did make my day a little brighter, plus I preordered a copy for my friend for her birthday,I was also able to get a copy of a Vampire movie he did in the 80's on DVD, it really doesn't take a lot to make me happy.

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: I shall attempt to draw one but I'm not sure how well it will come out! :) He's doing really well for having had such a bad break. He stumbled on two steps going up to my bedroom tonight and racked his foot a bit...he was trying not to cry but it was really hurting him. I feel so helpless watching him hurt...

Laoch: Me too and yeah...TV rocks so do video games!

Dragonlady: I know. Sucks all around for him to miss out on the good parts of summer. he's mucho excited about the frog though :)

Aafrica: he'll be on crutches til he feels comfortable putting his weight on his foot. The Doc gave him a sandal shoe to put on his cast so he can walk on it when he's ready. (I hope thats soon)...

Catwoman: I broke down and cried when it hit me all that he will miss out on this summer. His last summer of little boy years...next summer he will be almost a teen :(

Peaceful said...

oh MAN!
the same thing happened to my step son-but he broke his arm-his mom sued the school for not having enough chips on the ground & won.
what a drag to have a cast in the summer!
for both of you!!