Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July Goodness!

Our friends piled over on the 4Th to celebrate with us.

As usual, we had a great time of feasting and much laughter!

Apparently I am still a rookie at grilling--as I loaded hamburger patties, brat and hot dogs on the grill.

All. At. Once.

The grease from the hamburgers hit the flame and FOOSH! There were arm length flames spewing outta my grill!

I was ACKING! and frantically trying to rotate the various meats so they wouldn't die a charcoal death.

What should have taken 20 minutes to cook?

Took 10...

My friends were laughing and frantically handing me plates to fling the flame tortured meats on advising me that perhaps I should have only turned ONE burner on instead of the three and not put all the meat on at once...




Ah well. It all turned out fine and I must say mighty tasty! :D

Our neighbors sons were putting on a party for their friends next door to us and playing Beer Pong.

One of my friends ambled over to them and found out instructions on how to play then promptly appropriated our outdoor table and turned it into a Beer Pong festivity of our own!

I lost and got a little tipsy on all the beer I had to drink...

We set off a bazillion fireworks when the sun went down. And...

So did our neighbors!

'Cept their fireworks? Were all set off in one gigantic "OOPS" display when one of the guys holding a lit mortar accidentally dropped it onto the box of unfired fireworks!!

There was a huge explosion as the box burst into flames and fireworks shot everywhere while the party kids frantically scurried out of the way like cockroaches!

Something caught on fire by the house but they quickly doused it and amazingly nothing was damaged.

We laughed and applauded the show then skulked out and set off our now lame-in-comparison fireworks.

They were not impressed by our sputtering fountains...


We had a great time but I'm not sure when we'll be able to have another 4Th gathering like that as I work the on the next 4 4Th of July's.

Good times though. Good, good times!

even though my friends did mock my Heart, Elton John and Pink music!!



The Darker Side said...

WAIT WAIT - they MOCKED Elton, Heart and Pink?????
Dang... NO TASTE!!! shakes head... sacrilege....

Musical Dragon

Cindy said...

PPPFFFFTTTT! at your friends mocking your music choices, but I'm glad you had a good time.
And Yeah, I could not believe the manager asking me to leave...The only thing I could think of after I stopped being so mad is that the girl took my "Someone who understands." A racist remark. What. Ever.

Peaceful said...

OMFG HAhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is all SO funny!!!!!
I wanna come over to your place- that sounded way too fun and memorable :D
KaBoom! nothin like fire in various forms to kick off the fun Lol!!!
Thanks for the laughs