Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Toy, Trip Plans and Cyclone Carlos!

I came home from work last night and Lord V met me in the kitchen with a solemn look on his face.

"Did you receive any phone calls today?"

I eyed his serious face nervously.

"Yes...no...wait. I lost service today. Did you too? What's the deal with fracken AT&T?!"

He took my arm and turned me towards some paperwork on the counter.

I eyed it with trepidation then realized it was the itinerary paperwork that had come in the mail for our Maui trip.

"YAY it came!" I pumped a fist in the air with a grin.

"Look closer" He said shifting the papers slightly.

I stood up on tiptoe and peered over the stack of papers and...


"Happy (early) birthday, Hun." He said with grin.

I flung my arms around him hugging and kissing him then leaned back and smacked his chest for alarming me with his pseudo Mr. Serious face.

Gotta love him, right?? LOL. Yeah. He's awesome :) xoxo

As for our trip:

Earlier in the day I had told my boss about our upcoming trip to Maui. He was very excited and spent most of the day sending me links to different maps and detailed Maui websites so I could be well prepared for our trip. He and his wife had been several times so he had the low down on which places were a "must see" for our trip.

I zoomed out to Borders at his recommendation and snapped up the Maui Revealed travel guide book then poked through it with him so he could explain to me some of the maps in it.

When I came back from my lunch he and the guys at work had put up a satellite tracker site of the Hawaiian Islands.

"Hey, come look at this!" They said, waiving me over.

"LOOK!" They said, grinning and pointing to the satellite image on the screen.

There...THERE on the screen was an swirling image of a Cyclone named Carlos that was headed towards the Islands!!

"NO!" I yelped. "You guys are just messin' with me, right?"

"Nope. It's real." They insisted.

"And" They added with big grins on their faces "There's a 'High Potential Disturbance' incident following right behind it, too!"


We've kept an eyeball on Cyclone Carlos' progress for the rest of the day and first thing this morning when I came back to work. It looks like its mellowing out and heading South away from the Islands so cross your fingers for us!!!

And last but not least (You didn't think I'd actually send out a post without Gabby Abby news and pics, did ya? Hmm?!)...

I give you my first pics taken with my new toy this morning.

Gabby Abby has taken to laying on her nest on my bathroom counter demanding pets and scritches while I get ready for work.

I've become quite ambidextrous curling my hair, applying make-up, etc with my right hand while scritching her with my left hand!

She's becoming quite the little Diva :)


Cindy said...

Awww! Abby's eyes get me EVERY time!
My friend Mo just got back from Maui yesterday she had a wonderful time.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Cool new phone, cool upcoming trip, very cool new small feline; your life is full of coolness this month.

Peaceful said...

OMG you have the BEST man in the world!!!!
But that "Serious" face must have been scary= I mean here is your man with BOB's face on- LOL!!!(RUSerious)
My Myst loves the little HK dolly that came here from you-it is the only one she will kiss & love on-

Pop and Ice said...

iPhones are the best! Lucky you!

I got my iPhone as an early Christmas present in 2007. It's still hanging in there and I love it. I will only replace it when it dies - or they up the rate package. Then I will want a new phone!

The Darker Side said...

I <3 iPhone!

ok... so, seriously, i hope them bad ole storms roll out to sea!

I see Gaby has a thang for HK too...