Thursday, July 02, 2009

Holiday Festivities

Big BBQ plans for the 4th.

Our day will be full of friends, laughter, music, fireworks and feasting!

We had a pre-4th of July fireworks display for MiniWarrior and his friend last night.

MiniWarrior tends to get a little overwhelmed when there are lots of people and finds it hard to enjoy the fireworks at the end of a party. Sensory overload!

I thought it would be nice for him to have a little time away from the crowd to shoot off fireworks before the crush of sensory overload on the 4th.

It's always a balance game of too much too little too...when dealing with Autism!

Gabby Abby news:

I dragged out a piece of cat furniture that I had purchased for Guido a couple of years ago. He never really played on it as he was too large of a cat.

I plunked it down by Gabby Abbys favorite family room window, sprinkled a little catnip on it and carried Gabby Abby over and set her on top of it.

She immediately took to it, rolling around, grooming herself in the sunbeam and playing with her new set of mice that lay beside her.


More pictures of Gabby Abby can be seen HERE!


daffodilmouse said...

the Good Doctor has a lovely grandson who is mildly autistic and it's a whole different world with him. He's a beautiful child but sometimes very puzzling. My hat is off to parents who can meet this challenge.

Cute kittie!

Cindy said...

Oh those eyes!
Enjoy your BBQ.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Gabby continues to be a massive cutie.

jade said...

oooo, Gabby your mousey really brings out your green eyes!

Aafrica said...

awww she is just too adorable. i think i might have to kidnap her ...

Pop and Ice said...

Mini-warrier has an autism disorder? So does my son - Asperger's Syndrome. You do need to plan compensations so as not to sensory overload autistic children. Other people don't understand - and it can be very hard to explain!

Haphazardkat said...

Daffodile: Every year my son grows taller and learns to handle his autism remarkably well.

Cindy: BBQ good! Sweet kitty better!! :D

Laochie: She couldn't possibly be an more adorable! :)

Jadey: I know, right? Totally matches!

Aafrica: Mmmm hmmm...if she goes missing I'm huntin' you down! :P

Pop.n.Ice: Well see? I knew there was somethin I liked about ya :D My son is not as high as Asperger's...but he is learning to cope more and more so often times people do not think there is anything different when first meeting him. and YES!!!! to the "hard to explain" thing. He mostly just gets grumpy and more prone to slight teenage tantrums when over stimulated. Try explaining that to people as a kid whos' not "bad" or "spoiled"...argh...