Friday, July 24, 2009

Maui Trip

I have begun posting pictures at AKatsEyeView of our trip.

I (usually) don't like to repeat a vacation place, so we wrung out as much as we could of our Maui experience :)

The flight was long. 6 hours! But Lord V and I packed enough entertainment gadgets along to keep ourselves occupied.

The first thing we noticed when we climbed out of the plane was the humidity. It wrapped around us like an electric blanket--but--I was thrilled to see brilliant sunshine after the fear of flying into possible hurricane weather!

We took a shuttle bus to our rental car place and picked up our island vehicle. They gave us a red convertible Mustang. I smiled inside myself because my friend Mikey would have loved knowing that--as it was his favorite car.

Our hotel in Wailea (click to see a link for pics of it) was beautiful. We stayed on the 7th floor that over looked the ocean.

We spent the rest of our Friday acclimating ourselves to our surroundings: taking pictures and plotting activities for the next 4 days.

Saturday, after picking up our tickets for our sailing trip, we were taking on Monday, we tossed on our swim gear and headed to the beach for some body surfing.

The waves were so strong!! They tossed me around and spit me out on the beach like a pebble.

The third time the waves horked me onto the beach, I staggered to my knees spitting sand and salt water, flung hair out of my eyes and patted my hands down my body to make sure it was all still intact when I realized I was patting skin where my bathing suit should be!

I looked down at my chest and yelped frantically tugging my girl bits back behind my suit when I heard laughter from the shady part of the beach.

Two middle aged women lounging on beach chairs were grinning big and laughing at my frantic coverup. I shrugged and grinned back at them and headed back into the waves.

fracken tourists...

Next post: The Road to Hana


Laoch of Chicago said...


So jealous.

Peaceful said...

I wonder if he set that car up for you....
Oh, ya- I remember getting to the door of the plane at Barbados & the air hit me like a wall.

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: You're retired! Go forth and Sail!!

Jadeykins: I like to think Mikey had a hand in the choice :) Its a comforting thought!

Mikey said...

Nice Pony! Apparently a little bit of good Mustang Karma can go a long way. I can only guess at how much fun it was to tool along the Hana Highway in a ragtop 'stang.

You need to be careful though. Driving a Mustang can be like crack - once you've tried it, you'll crave for more. It leads to stronger urges too, like supercharged V8 motors, 6-speed manual transmissions, and smokin' big fat tires...

Haphazardkat said...

Mikey: Your comment came in my email box and was like hearing directly from my coworker-friend Mikey! I passed it around work and everyone is a little shaken by it as we all still miss (our)Mikey so very much. I (of course) know which Mikey YOU are *smile* and yes, it was great fun touring the road to Hana in it--although Lord V said he wished it had been his Miata instead. lol :)
I am wearing a 'I survived the road to Hana' Teeshirt this morning at work. LOL :D

Mikey (from Denver) said...


Sorry, I didn't mean to channel your co-worker. Your guy obviously had good taste in friends, cars, and first names though. Kindred spirits perhaps?

Glad you had a good trip and that the storms didn't do anything but kick up the surf (told ya so). Your pics make me want to go back. Maybe the HB and I'll hop over there in Feb. to celebrate our anniversary and do some humpback watching (I'm talking whales here, getyermindouttathegutter - sheesh).

Lord V is right too - a Miata would definitely stomp a V-6 Mustang in the fun to drive the Road to Hana factor (my Hunny Bunny and I call the V-6s "Granny 'Stangs"). But put some V-8 muscle under that pony's bonnet, dump the automatic transmushion, turn off the traction control system, and all bets are off...

Hmmm, I wonder how much it would cost to ship my car over there?

Haphazardkat said...

CO Mikey: I would have loved to have seen the getyermindouttathegutter humpbacks while there but it was (as you said) the wrong time of year to view them.
I was supposed to see Dolphins and Sea Turtles on the RIB boat ride but the surf was way too rough! (yeah--you told me-blahblahblah *grin)

Have you gone to my blog to see more pictures of Hawaii?

I'll be posting more as the days trickle by...I take (too) many pictures. Its my crack!!