Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gabby Abby

Gabby Abby had surgery this weekend.

She had a broken molar.

She's back with us after a night at the Vet hospital and greeted me this morning with her usual chattering and purring.

It's hard to believe we've only had her for only a couple of weeks. I've grown so attached to our little bundle of orange striped fur!!


Peaceful said...

SO an angel sent to you.
omg I have yet to be able leave my Myst how will you be able to for vacation?

(she still will barely eat)

The Darker Side said...

They have a habit of doin that to ya... Kooshie has decided he belongs to me........

Laoch of Chicago said...

Good to see the new feline flourishing.

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: Yeah...I shall miss my little GabbyAbby--but I'm leaving her with a friend who is going to housesit for us...along with our Bichon. She is a fellow animal lover AND hello Kitty lover! She's very excited to be staying in my Hello Kitty guest room! ha ha ha :D

Dragonlady: 'tis true. I think she adopted us rather then us--her :)

Laochie: It is, isn't it? We are still so over protective of her as the wound of Guido's loss is still raw.

Aafrica said...

awwww .... did you submit this to Cuteoverload?