Thursday, August 30, 2007

Open House Goodness

MiniWarrior's school held the beginning of school open house BBQ tonight.
He was very excited to see his teachers and friends again.

Only 4 more days of Summer freedom for him.

Only 4 more days before Mom's freedom starts! WOO!!

Jadey posted some pics of her new pad so I thought I'd post one I took outside of mine today.

Isn't it beautiful? *sigh* I could gaze upon that view forever and never grow tired of it.


R U Serious?? said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! I'd show you mine but, ummm, no!

That was awesome!!!!!

Mrs.X said...

So jealous of your view!
Someday, I'll get off my lazy butt and get some area shots.

Haphazardkat said...

Bob-a-roo: I've SEEN your view! lol--it comes with a crazy semi fired oriental gardner! hahahaha :D

MrsX: How's the new baby??

beth said...

Yah - one went back Wednesday...the next one goes back next Wednesday...then, the man and I are FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!! (conspiratorial DragonWink at Kat!)

Gorgeous view! I would LOVE to wake up to that every day! sigh...

Laoch of Chicago said...

Stunning view.

Aafrica said...

nice view! new home? hope there will be beautiful memories to collect.

Cindy said...

The view is sooo lovely, I find being by the water soul healing for me, enjoy!
Have a great day today!

Slick said...

Geeez Kat...that is awesome.

I'd be fishin' everyday

R U Serious?? said...

OK! You get the weekend off before responding to my tag, but it had better be a GOOD one come Tuesday!! LOL

Hope you have a nice, relaxing and peaseful weekend!

Hugs and Scritches,

Jadey!!! said... peacefulll......
thank you so much for your hugs!!
My desktop is all hooked up w/subwoofer & 5 speakers- time to wake these oldies up!