Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Humpday News!

All right, all right. Settle down now, Peeps.

Open your Blog page to Humpday News #3.

*taps my ruler and eyeballs Bob-a-roo yackin to Cindy in the back row*

No Talkin!

Let's begin, shall we?

Aafrica: (our transplant from China) when's she's not busy having her wisdom teeth carved out *shudder* she is jonesing to go back home so she can watch the Olympics which is being held in her home town! Can you imagine how much fun that would be to head out there with her? I bet she knows all the best places to get the pre and post Olympic snacks at. *purrr* *purrrr*

Bob-a-roo: has been busy terrorizing the clerks at the local supermarket makin them pose for blog photos (ha ha ha ha--dude)He even got a pair of firemen to pose. Mmmm, Firemen....*purrr purrr*. He also lives in a neighborhood that is apparently filled with rednecks and crazy peeps. There ain't a day that goes by where sumthin' crazy is happenin'...domestic on blocks...wild tortoises runnin loose harassin dogs--oh wait--thats HIS house! hehehe. Oh Bob-a-roo. *shakes my head*

Catwomans Mom is visitin' and she can't even numb herself with alcohol cuz she's busy growin' her baby. *sigh* Girl...I feel for you. I just got off the phone with my brother not 20 minutes ago and was informed that EWO (evil wrinkled one) MOM is plotting to visit me within 2 weeks time. not enough alcohol in the world I'm so excited! *eye twitch*

Cindys spawn has hurt her wing which is tragic cuz she uses that wing to create purty things!--we heart Cindy's spawn cuz she makes beautiful drawings for MiniWarrior! (I'm talking to MiniWarrior tonight so he'll create a "get well" drawing for her)! Also--grand news, Cindy-o on the personal chiropractor session! *sigh* I need to sign up for one--I need me a lil reelaxation. Mmm hmm. *z snaps*

Cuteoverload has published a calendar! You can get one from Amazon--actually--I saw one at Borders bookstore. *girlie squeal cleanup on aisle 3!*

Dragonlady: has no new posts *taps my ruler and makes a note for her to see me after school*

FlipFlops about to embark on an epic Def Leppard concert trip! WOO! *devil finger sign* Rock ON! IF she survives the concert she's dragging her spawn to the badlands to camp in a Tee Pee. Have fun, Chickee--and bring me sumthin...that doesn't have scaly skin and rattle.

Indigo: has a puzzling picture showing multiple mini bottles of booze with a large gravestone in the background on a post she's entitled: Reinstate Hank *blank stare* I...I don't know what that means. Someone...anyone? *blink blink*

Jadeys blog has surpassed te 60k hit range! Someone give that girl a medal!! I'm at...what...lets see...9,859. *mutters and starts baking cookies to draw the blog flies in* (congrats Jadey!! *hug hug*)

Laochie has a link to a recipe that I'm going to make this weekend. Homemade Pop Tarts!! If I remember, I'll take pics ;)
Laochie is a man in the possession of many fascinating links.

Mei Lians place is one of sadness this week. Her cat Fat Luey was tragically killed by a reckless driver. We join her in mourning, Fat Luey. May he rest in peace :(

Mikey's been busy updating his blog space. Looks awesome, Buddy!! And the Madden thing? Hilarious :D

Postsecret: This? This cracked me the hell up! GO LEAN er I mean...GREEN!

Slick got himself a new toy!! Go see(its kid safe--one must clarify that before visitin pervs slicks blog). AND...his wife has once again proven what a SAINT! she is. We heart Slicks wife.

Svensto (Daily coyotes grandma) is pure awesomeness. If you haven't checked out her blog...then you clearly ignored your previous homework assignment I gave you *taps my ruler* therefore I will see you, you and...*points my ruler* YOU after school. *quirks a stern brow*

Shreve who's blog is the Daily Coyote is quite possibly the best photographer of coyotes named Charlie--Evah! Check her out (if you haven't already).

Which brings us to last but certainly not least, Mrs X. Peeps, I must say--I've been following Mrs X's blog since she was preggers with her baby girl. The baby is now 1 and Mrs X has just posted new pics of her. I find myself quite attached to the adorable little girl, having followed her growth progress while she resided in her Mrs X's belly. Every picture Mrs X shares shows this little one to be a creature so packed full of joy it spills out and radiates out of the computer screen into my world. We heart Mrs X's baby girl!


Anonymous said...

Awww! Would you be insulted if I told you I'm fighting the urge to smoosh you?

Um... would it help if I told you I smoosh my kids all the time?

(it's just a big hug).

Mrs X

Haphazardkat said...

Mrs X! Grinnin big here. Grinnin big! :D *smoosh smoosh*

Aafrica said...

lol! you crack me up all the time Kat. you would've made a really good teacher come to think of it. tapping your punishing rulers and all :)

Haphazardkat said...

Aafrica: I have much experience being on the other end of the tapping ruler!! 10 years of private school! LOL

R U Serious?? said...

Cindy and I were just exchanging notes!! Oh yeah! And pointing and laughing at you!!! HAHAHA!!

Great update! BTW, You Have mail!!

Peaceful said...

Oh Goody!
Runs in and sits down-
Sits on edge of seat cleaning glasses off eagerly reading!
Thank you for the updates-
oh MAN I want that calendar!!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

what a cute calander..

oh and of course u already know my bad lands trip has been canned..