Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Humpday News!

Well well well...what do we have here, hmm?

*cracks knuckles*

Yes indeedly--it's once again time for...

*drum roll*

Humday Neeeeeeeeeew new new new newsssssssssssss...!

Aafrica: Freaked me out by waiting in her place for a plumber to come check out a gas leak she caused by a previous insane cleaning spree. She waited 3 days to let me know she was still alive and hadn't blown her cats and herself up! *tsk* Girl...I'm too old to be carryin' stress shizzle like that! I need me some oil of olay cream for my newly spawned wrinkle now!

AMHW: Is a new comer to Humday news! Slink on over to her pad and show her some blog luv'n, will ya? I guarentee you'll luv her. She's been crackin' me up! *eyeballs her* step away from the measuring tape. step away.

Bob-a-roo: *sighs deeply* Oh Bob-Bob-Bob-a-roo. *shakes my head and tsks* What are we gonna do with you? Hmm? Yer crazy snappin picture ways are gonna get you lynched man. LYNCHED! *smothers a grin and waggles a stern Mom finger at you*

Catwoman: Survived the Mom visit and is already jonesing for her to come back. I have nothing smart a$$ to say about that cuz thats just plain coolness. As for the fang doctor you and hubs away!

Cindy (IronWoman): Wins the Blogger-of-the-Month award! The girl falls *SPLAT* while shoppin' and compress fractures some vertebraes in her back. Emergency visit and mucho drugs later she's back home restin' and has her daughter transcribe a blog to us lettin' us in on the back crackin' scoop. Ain't nuthin' keepin' this chickie from bloggin! Iron woman--that's what I'm dubbin' her. Go visit her and give her some kudo's, will ya? Chickies still hurtin' and needs some cheerin' up. *hug hug*

Cuteoverload: Has Lions, Tigers and oooomg "Look, Mom, they're wrestling"--Bears!!

Dragonlady: has spent her week in deep dragonhearted comtemplation. The rumble of her thoughts vibrate out and never fail to spawn some contemplation of my own. *scritch scritch of the dragon scale*

FlipFlop: That crazy devil horn makin chick has come back from her Def Leppard concert makin my week with multiple pics of her experience--complete with an email to me of the (now) famous tattoo etched onto her back! V_V You rawk, chickie. RAWK!

Jadey: Got some toy soldiers from her Daddy,that he got back in 1929, this week! I'm dyin for a picture of them. *shoots the shrek cat eyeball look in her direction*

Loachie: has been watchin' the Olympics, pumpin' iron and beefin' up. Hoowah! my man. HOOWAH! *licks donut glaze off my fingers and gives him the thumbs up*

Mei Lian: has been cooerced into berry pickin with her Mother Bing. Heheheeee...HEHEHEHEHEEE...Bwaahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!
I had nothin to do with that.
I told her nuthin. I'm innocent!
*looks around*
Hook me up with some cobbler, will ya? :D

PostSecret: This weeks favorite is--

Ohhh to be the fly on that copy machine wall.

Slickness: has been watchin the Olympics too--but unlike Laochie, the thing he's been pumpin' ain't iron...*quirks an eyebrow in his direction*

Svensto: (the 89yr old grandma of the daily coyote chickie)has held me mesmerized with her stories. I find myself mentally curling up by her chair and listening to her voice as she talks of the days of old.
Magic. Pure magic.

The Daily Coyote: *sigh* my god the girl has a gift. The pictures she takes captures so much emotion. I wanna lay kat kisses on Charlies nose...

Mrs X: I wanna party with this chickie! Seriously. Her last blog "I Don't Get Out Much" had me laughin so hard and jonesing to snag her up and drag her out with my girlfriends on one of our girls nights out!

So there you have it my blog Peeps. Another week gone. *wipes a tear*
Where oh where does the time fly to.

Dunno. Dun care cuz its my WEEKEND, Punk-a-roos!



Peaceful said...

Hi Hun :)
Your post on Alien actually spoke about how we have become 'ho hum'
about stuff in films. When it fist came out I sat on the edge of my seat and didn't move till the end. I was SO stiff from not moving & not peeing the whole time because I was pop-eyed intense! But now it's a total "whatever"....
I need a hug, no, I need a bonecrushing hug from a friend after today.....

Haphazardkat said...

Zooms to Jadey's blog to find out whats goin on...

Flip Flop Momma said...

once again, Nice re-cap:)

your so gonna have to go to a show with me one day:)

Aafrica said...

i was busy watching the Olympics (* lowering my head in shame *)

Cindy said...

Thanks for the new nick name....All though I feel more like "Stone(d)Woman)"....LOL!

Haphazardkat said...

Flipflop: that would be grand fun!! :D

Aafrica: Wellllll OK. I forgive ya ;)

Cindy: Stoned woman, hmm? puff puff pass--woman! Puff puff PASS!