Friday, October 30, 2009

Houston, Prepare for EWO Arrival

I received a call from EWO's friend in Mexico. She is the one making all the hospital plans in Houston for EWO.

It looks like I'll be heading to Houston around the 9th of November. Why EWO couldn't call and tell me herself, I don't know. I am quite used to getting the obscure phone call from someone I've never met who knows my mother and is passing on a message from her.

*eye roll*

I've decided to take MiniWarrior with me. I just have gut feeling that I should. That he should see EWO. With the state of her heart and her age (83) could be the last time he gets to see her--or at least the last time she will get to see him before he becomes a full blown teenager.

I talked with him about it and how he would have to be a mini adult during the trip. No whining, no complaining during long doctor visits--plus the 6 hour plane ride to Houston.

He thought about it and was a little scared that he'd be massively bored...but you know what made his final decision to go? The fact that he would be with me for an entire week instead of a half that he usually spends at his Dad's house and then mine.

I think he is the reason for global warming. He can melt the coldest icecap with his sweetness.

I love my Mini Man.


Cindy said...

He is a sweet boy!
The *drip* was sarcasm....I will be writing a post about it....I have apologise for yet another sad sack post in advance.

Peaceful said...

3 words for a kid on a plane,hotel- etc. Portable DVD player. (and lots of dvd's)very entertaining & they like to watch them over & over. Along with the nintendo ds or whatever he plays. :)
strength to you Big Time.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Fine choice by him. Bringing a game boy like item would of course be a good idea.

The Darker Side said...

Awwww.... heartwarming things all over! What a wonderful mini-MAN!
And what a great picture of him when he was younger.
Sending prayers your way that all goes well in Houston!
the Neverpresent Dragon

ColleenQ said...

Don't you hate when that happens? (he's too adorable for words!)