Sunday, October 04, 2009

Proactive Kat

I think I might have finally grown up this past year.

Many medical situations of those close to me has awakened a proactive maturity cell inside me this past year.

Usually I treat my body sort of like how I (usually) treat the vehicles I drive.

Find the cheapest fuel and if I have time and it isn't too inconvenient, drag it over for an oil change.

*dust hands--good to go*

Seeing the age ticker click over to 44 has caused something inside me to finally wake up.

Well that and the 6 needles my rheumatologist jammed into my knees to try and help alleviate the fluid build up that mysteriously flared up when I was 29 and has never stopped reoccurring.

There is truth to the saying, "Reward does not change behavior--Pain does"

I have heard since I was 9 and was first diagnosed with a rare condition that attacks my vocal chords area--that my immune system is low.

Through all the tests the Knee Doc has been doing on my joints, they only diagnosis they can give me is, "you immune system is low".


Is this just Doc speak for "We don't know what the hell is wrong with you so we're blaming it on the immune system" or is it a pattern that shows both my throat issue and my joint issues are linked?

I have long thought my throat issue is related to every Spring and Fall it gets worse and it seems I'm in those times for surgery.

I thought the allergies were things in the air--which to some degree I do believe--however, I've noticed another thing.

When I went on the low carb, high protein diet last year where I pretty much eliminated breads, pasta's, rice, potatoes..etc and just ate fruit, meats and salads--that:
1. I had tons of energy and
2. My joints had much less flare ups.

Hmmmm. Interesting.

So, I decided to grow up and start taking charge of what goes into my body to see if there is a link.

15lb loss later, I not only notice a remarkable difference in energy (that's a given with weight loss) but I've noticed the disappearance of joint pain.

Not just in my knees which would be obvious with less weight on them--but my shoulders, elbows, wrists...etc. Places that are not weight bearing joints.

Pain that had begun waking me up at night is---gone.

I'm now in the process to see if this will make a difference on my throat issues.

With the miracle of technology--I no longer am required to be knocked out and spend a day in surgery for my throat issue. I can go to the doctor and have it done right in the clinic with a 10-15 minute surgery.

No drugs. Nothing but numbing spray misted into my throat.

I drive myself home with a sore throat but zero drug after affects.

Awesome. Miraculous, really.

So, I've made a charge to myself that I would endure these treatments as often as I could so that I could (hopefully) be on top of this disease that has run amok in my body for so many years and start showing it who's really in charge.

Will I win? I don't know. I do know that taking a proactive stance can't hurt, right?

And the added benefit of watching the pile of too-large-clothing build up on my closet floor ain't a bad side effect of my take-charge experiment, either. ;)


Peaceful said...

wow, your change in diet has really had an effect! huh...
My mom has always pressed good eating habits upon me.Whole grains etc."Don't eat anything white" I am thrilled you are feeling better! I am glad the throat thing has turned into a lesser ordeal also. I am glad medicine has made strides forward for both of us!
I came to the "better take care of my body" thing myself when I realized I had been drinking for a gazillion years...wasnt I just 15? nope now I see that was 33 lifetimes ago!

Aafrica said...

very admirable determinations Kat! keep up the good work. and i'm sorry you got a weak immune system :( i wish i could share you mine, i got a pretty good one after having my tonsils taken out. ... but quitting starch, that must be hard.