Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Update

I'm thrilled to be feeling normal once again.

Yes...yes I know--pictures of GabbyAbby dressed in multiple costumes does not speak well of the state of my "normalness" I know...

*eye roll*

I speak purely of my physical state.

Speaking of health...

We had a scary bit of news this weekend. One of my girlfriends from my chick group was hospitalized with the Swine flu!!

She is back home now but we all hung on the phone for updates (thanks, Jerry!)during her hospitalization as we were gravely concerned.

On other news. I took MiniWarrior to our local pet store to get more crickets for his frog, Jabba when MiniWarrior called me over to look at cats in the adoption section of the store.

"Mom! Mom you have to see this!" He called out to me. "This cat looks just like Guido!"

I peered down and there...there was a tiny image of my Guido. Same face, same color. I felt my heart squeeze painfully.

MiniWarrior and I sat outside the cage for a bit, just gazing at Guido's twin. God we miss our Guido. It was nice to see a live version of him if only for a tiny bit.

After I dropped MiniWarrior at his Dad's house for the rest of the weekend, I dragged Lord V to the pet store so he could see the tiny Guido.

Speaking of Lord V...he has expressed an interest in doing a guest blog post here so keep an eyeball out for more insanity!


This Friday we plan on taking MiniWarrior along with our friends to a haunted house that some other friends of ours puts on every year.

I hate haunted houses...but MiniWarrior is very excited so I shall squinch my eyes tightly closed, cling to the back of Lord V and MiniWarrior while sandwiched in with friends (sort of like side air bags to prevent grabbage of evil things on me)...and "endure" the haunted freakishness.

Feel the love...


Peaceful said...

That h1n1 is SO scary!
I was at a dinner w 30 adults &/kids & I was so afraid. I was sneaking hand gel & washing my hands.
Reading that about the kitten made my heart hurt-I cannot look at any tiger kitten or photo of one and it's been 2yr.
man I wish I were doing something for halloween- being squished between screaming friends is the BEST way to tumble through a haunted house :D

Aafrica said...

looking forward to see Lord V's initiation into your blogland :)

R U Serious?? said...

Soooo... Guido II??????
Go for it!! That kitty needs a GOOD Mommy!! Any name but 'Hello!'. Can't wait to read what Lord V has to say!

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: If you lived closer we'd drag you along!! I need all the side bag evil avoidance cushions I can get! :D

Aafrica: I shall remind him tonight...

Bob-a-roo: Nah. No more kitties. Gabby Abby is very VERY particular about her cat box. I shall harrangue Lord V to make a showing, soon :)