Sunday, October 18, 2009

MiniWarrior Sickies and Ultimate Cat Block Move!

I went and hung out with my gang at the hotel, Friday evening.

Unfortunately, I sent a text to Lord V around 9 when we were just sitting down for a late dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to check in on MiniWarrior (as he had not been feeling well).

Lord V text back: "102.7 fever..."

I spoke to my little guy on the phone. He sounded miserable so I hugged my chicks goodbye, packed up my dinner and headed back home.

His fever dropped down to 101 by the time I got home. I sat up with him for a bit then went to sleep.

He slept until 10 in the morning and felt much better. Big relief on my old heart!!

With all this craziness going on about the dangers of Swine Flu, etc. I was a little stressed!

I babied him for the rest of the day, sitting in the family room, playing WoW and keeping an eagle Mom eye on MiniWarrior--making sure he stayed resting and hydrated, (even though he said he "felt much better").

Gabby Abby grew tired of my Warcrafting and pulled the ultimate Cat Block move on me!


LOL! Dang cat :)

Later that evening, we dropped MiniWarrior at his dad's house then headed out to a Halloween party with friends.It was nice to finally be able to relax after a weekend of stressful sickies!


Aafrica said...

here is wishing your little warrior a speedy recovery. ... what you dressing up like for the party?

Peaceful said...

whew! man that H1N1 is so scary!!
I love seeing your kitty inaction :D

Cindy said...

I hope MW is feeling much better, my cats do the same thing if they think I've been on the computer too long...LOL!
The dog just tries to jump on to my lap.