Monday, February 02, 2009

Do They Make Hello Kitty JockStraps?

So I came into work today all excited to talk to the guys at work about the big game.

My glee was met with a lip curls, full body shudders and followed by the words:

We don't watch football!

I just stared at them thinking

Sweet Jesus, I'm working with the Big Bang cast!

Apparently Geeks do not do sports.

I felt a gleam of hope when my boss came in and asked us if we watched the game.

I said Hell ya! All sorts of happy to finally have someone to talk to about the game!

I yammered excitedly about nachos and beer consumption and winning toe touch touchdowns.

We exclaimed our amazement about the 100 yard interception by the Steeler line backer and the marvelous ending touchdown to the game...

And then?

He said, " I don't usually watch football. I did this time cuz I love the puppy bowl. Did you watch the puppy bowl? They had kittens during the puppy bowl halftime! They were so cute!"

And his Superbowl drink of choice?

Pomegranate tea.

Christ on a crutch.

I swear I had to make a bathroom run to see if somehow the Universe had turned on its axis and I might now need a jock strap to hold my "junk" in.

Which has me wondering.

Do they make Hello Kitty Jockstraps?


The Darker Side said...

uh....well...i watched.........but only the halftime show? sorry. :(

JerseyGirl Dragon from ThunderRoad

Haphazardkat said...

Dragonlady: the BOSS was ROCKIN!!!! Although I swear I winced every time he slammed himself down on those old knees!!

jade said...

I was embarrassed for him when he slid into the camera by mistake...I was like 'yikes! here comes his crotch-Bang!!"
can you imagine that with the 3d glasses?!
--missed the game..

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: I heard the sound of women fainting world wide... ;)

R U Serious?? said...

Yeah!! That slam!! I thought my TV went out!! Great show and game!!

Oops!! Ate your cupcake!!! For breakfast before the wife got to it!

Where the heck do you work? Nerd-Central??? When you asked about the game was the only thing you heard was crickets chirping??? Holy Rothlesburger!!!!!

Haphazardkat said...

Bob-a-roo: LOL @ Holy Rothlesburger!!
No crickets chirping--but instant moans of distress. They didn't even wanna HEAR the word, SUPERBOWL!!

Aafrica said...

hahahaha!! poor Kat! i was really glad to see Jennifer Hudson come back so strong. i've always been a fan. i'm not pleased the Steelers won though :( but it's ok if that suits you :)

KyleD said...

To be fair, Haphazardkat, my wife made the tea and offered me some. If she'd offered me a beer, I woulda had that instead. I was focused on the game (and a few minutes of Puppybowl V every now and then).

Your boss